Monday, 19 December 2011

The daily slave routine

My typical daily routine on weekends when at home is currently this (described by Mistress)
-Put on a shirt, take all other clothes with you and carry them to washroom. Empty cat litter box. Pee sitting down with your ass a few inches above the seat. I know it is strenuous for the legs, but you are not supposed to be spending a lot of time in the toilet. Also every time you poop, you must be sitting "in the air". Your ass cannot touch the seat We are using. You may pee only twice a day, so stay clear of substances that make you pee a lot - coffee for one. And only one poop per day, so you must learn not to pee while you poop (well now i can).
-Pluck your balls and penis with tweeters. Epilate your crotch and trim the remaining pubic hair as a triangle. Epilate round your nipples. Trim other body hair short and shave armpits once a month. Put on cb-2000 with medium poi and medium pin, 2. largest a-pin. (Some may wonder why i am allowed to be in the bathroom unsupervised with my cb off. Well you could call me a collaborator: i only need the cb really to stop me from masturbating while i read porn, and even after long times without cumming i don't have the urge to masturbate whenever i have the chance. I have will power and Mistress knows it.)
-Then shave and do your hair. You have free time 45 minutes or until 7.45. Poi keep you from getting too excited (but allows you to get wet - Mistress likes me to learn to leak precum while flaccid)
-Make breakfast: tea and porridge with jam for Mistress, put coffee in the machine, lay the table, clean up kitchen, fetch the morning paper.
-As Mistress wakes up and comes down greet Her enthusiastically, kiss Her on the mouth if She allows it. Ask what sort of tea She wants and prepare it. When it is ready, invite Her to eat with a curtsy, put porridge on Her plate along with jam. Switch on your coffee, you may now make your own breakfast. If there is old leftover porridge, eat that.
-you must always think ahead with food, proposing menu for next days beforehand, and you are responsible for keeping the kitchen stuffed with everything, writing shopping lists for yourself.
-you make all the meals, clean up after yourself, lay the table, and clear it up afterwards. You are the garbage can, you eat the oldest leftovers. You warm them up and eat with the others. Everything must be consumed. Nothing is allowed to go to waste. Kids don't think it is odd, after a while they are used to it, and just think you are scrooge.
-when you are ready, you report to Mistress, She decides about the rest of your day. You don't have to worry about it.
-always when She gives you an order, thank Her, with a curtsy if W/we are alone.

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