Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Drinking punishment

Mistress forbids me of using alarm clocks in the weekends, so i wake up only a little before 8. She is also awake and gives me morning kisses, i return them. i have to start preparing porridge right away because of the late wake up, no time for grooming my hair today. After cleaning up kitchen i prepare the menu for the week and a shopping list.

Mistress sends me to the garden, i must saw a branch and program the garden lights again. Mistress joins me later, and before O/our joined shopping trip i have to cut one apple tree and mend the shed door.

Mistress wants to go to a flea market where She allows me to purchase a Queen Innuendo CD for 10 crowns (cheap). W/we do the grocery shopping. i am somehow depressed because of issues at work and my mother’s death and i keep forgetting things.

At home i unpack the groceries and prepare a salmon soup, lay the table with bread and all. i take only a little of the fresh soup for starters and eat old meatballs and pasta. i clean up the kitchen after the lunch and prepare coffee. She orders me to find out about tv movies for kids, then to empty the washing machine. W/we watch Babe, then i have to warm up sauna.

In the sauna bathroom She orders me on my knees and throws a glassful of cold water on my face. ‘you have to wake up’, She says. ‘you cannot serve me asleep!’ Then She pours another glass of water into my mouth, i cannot swallow it all, the rest flow on my breast, i have to struggle to swallow as much as possible. my sissy clit gets erect. W/we are alone. Next i may join Her in the sauna and read a summary of today’s newspaper to Her. Lina joins U/us. Without Lina hearing i ask Mistress if i must do the water aerobics though the temperature of O/our pool is now only 24 degrees Celsius. She signals me to complete it anyway. i am in the middle of it as She leaves. She watches me for some time before She leaves and i get a partial erection. In the evening i prepare dinner.

In the bed She lets me show my cock cage to Her. She watches it, i get a sissy erection again. ‘Then to sleep’.

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