Thursday, 29 December 2011

Freaking out

On Sunday i have to wake up without the alarm not to disturb Mistress. i do my epilations and spend about an hour in the net. Mistress wakes up early and i hurry to kitchen as the breakfast is not ready. She scolds me for spending more than 45 minutes in the net. i hurry to make a quick porridge and ask Her wish for tea. i prepare tea and get the paper for Her. Mornings are always stricter timed of day D/s wise.

After breakfast it's time for O/our gym. She leaves me there to carry Lina to Her hobbies while i stay to exercise. She orders me to wait for Her to pick me up. After that i get a job to cut down a tree which is very laboursome, i sweat a lot when i'm finished and may return inside carrying some things that She ordered from our storage room. i prepare lunch, W/we eat yesterday's stuff, me even older food: nettles pasta, a Mistress's favorite from a few days ago.

i have a small meeting about community affairs, and after i return home i need to call some of the relatives about my mother's funeral that's coming up in two weeks. Next i must prepare a great dinner from duck. Then happens two things i'm ashamed of. First i go to my room to watch porn when it seems that Mistress is preoccupied with watching telly. But She comes to my room. i don't apoligize or anything. She says She would like to chat with me, but doesn't start chatting. i ask what She would like to chat about and say that She just can't ask me to chat without giving an object. She seems to become sad and goes away. Then later She tries to bite my nipple through my filmy shirt, but i freak out, and pull myself away. She doesn't bite me. i don't know what is wrong with me. Anyway i make the week's menu and get it approved by Mistress and making a shopping list for myself.

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