Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A hard week - for D/s

i wake up at 5.50, before the clock. i have started to narrow my triangle of pubes, the idea is to locate it higher and formed more like a T. i have a lot of net time before breakfast.

In the evening She orders me to read, She reads Her book in the bed and i reaad mine kneeling by the bed. She interrupts me and orders me to fetch the heat blanket for Her.

A full havoc at work again. Only a memory are those days i could do something sex-related aat work. i wonder if O/our D/s relation is going to wear off.

An even harder day. In the evening W/we are all exhausted, Mats wants to do a home essay into the night, drinking coffee. Lina is doing fraction calculations with the last ounce of her strength. i have to help her. i sleep on the couch in the middle of watching tv. For the first time in ages i neglect cleaning up kitchen, and Mistress does it!

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