Sunday, 11 December 2011

How sissy is your slave's orgasm?

With this test you get the sissiness score for the method of cumming you are planning for your sissy. You get one point for each b-fact that is true in your sissy’s case. The more b-points, the sissier the orgasm. There is probably no way to get the maximum score of 17, but how many points could be reached in practise? Please post your high scores along with details of the method in question. Also if you think of new ways to characterize sissy orgasm, please comment and i'll improve the test.

1A)Man decides himself the time of having sex.
1b) sissy does not decide the time it has sex. it is just obeying orders.

2A) The last time Man has had an orgasm is during the last week
2b) sissy has not been allowed a ruined orgasm in a month nor a full orgasm in a year

3A) Man has a female partner to have sex with
3b) sissy has no partner or a male partner to have sex with

4A) Man is naked or has some male clothes on while having sex
4b) sissy is dressed in female lingerie, a tight corset and high heeled female shoes while having sex

5A) Man is moving his hips while fucking or getting a blowjob
5b) sissy is not moving its hips nor its sissy clit while having sex

6A) Man sees an attractive halfnaked female as He is fucking her
6b) sissy is itself the halfnaked female figure, it does not see a female figure while having sex

7A) Man's penis is doing pumping movement to get excited
7b) sissy's penis is not getting any stimulation along the shaft only sideways or pokes or electricity

8A) Man is stuffing the pussy or mouth of His partner while having sex
8b) sissy's own pussy and mouth are stuffed with dildos/butt plugs/penises but its sissy clit is not stuffing anything, ever.

9A) Man is free to move during sex
9b) sissy is tied up and cannot move at all during sex
(half a point if sissy can move only his worse hand to masturbate)

10A) Man is comfortable while having sex
10b) sissy is not comfortable while having sex, he is in pain (clamps, whip, electric shocks...)

11A) Man's penis is pointing naturally forward while He has sex
11b) sissy's penis is pointing awkwardly back between its legs while it has sex

12A) Man's penis is erect while He has sex
12b) sissy clit is in a cage with no space to get erect while it has sex

13A) Man has as much time as He wants for sex
13b) sissy has limited time to get to the point of no return

14A) Man reaches climax as He wishes
14b) sissy must stay at the edge until getting an order to cum

15A) Man climaxes because of stimulation to His cock
15b) sissy climaxes because of stimulation to its ass / nipples and mouth with no touching of sissy clit

16A) Man continues to fuck throughout His climax
16b) sissy clit gets no stimulation during its climax - not whatsoever

17A) Man does not consume His semen
17b) sissy consumes all his cum, according to its Superiors orders

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