Saturday, 10 December 2011

‘It must be obvious you are not allowed to cum'

i wake up before 7 even without alarm. i have time to take care of epilation and other morning chores, then rice porridge and a quarter of net time. Mistress wakes up, W/we hug, i fetch the paper, She reads it, i sit by Her peeking. Then She orders me to prepare gym bags. There are only a few men at the gym as Skiing World Championships is on TV at the same time.

At home i start preparing tortilla espanola for lunch - it is eaten altogether. Cleaning up the kitchen, tea and coffee. i remember to curtsey each time She orders or allows me to do something. Of course it is not for the kids to see. She is still examining her budget, wants to concentrate on it and i may use the net, update my blog and read others. i note a “funny” story about a predicament bondage: a rope from balls to a spreader bar making the slave stand knees bent, and another rope from nipple clamps to a ceiling hook so that if the slave straightens his legs, he pulls on his balls and if he tries to squat, he pulls on his nipples.

Mats gets Mistress play with him some Wii games, a couple of hours is spent with that. i prepare Her a roll and chicken-veggie-pot for dinner and lamb with potatoes for the rest. In the evening i have some more net time as playing Wii continues.

In the evening it’s time for a surprise. i read a mag in the bed waiting for Mistress. She wants me watch, then Mats arrives, they go to his room. i remove the chastity belt and keep on reading on my knees by the bed. She returns, locks the door and orders me to masturbate for 2 minutes. my sissy clit fels so large… W/we look in each others eyes. She says ‘It must be obvious you are not allowed to cum’. Then She says ’10 seconds left’. i accelerate a bit, and stop a few seconds short as i feel close to cumming. It is however not a ruined orgasm. Then to sleep.

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