Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lina paying attention to my subservience

For once i get home early, even through grocery store, kitchen cabinets need filling again, and bottles need returning. i take trash out first. W/we kiss a long time. Mistress orders me on the floor before Her for a talk. Lina joins us too. She need regular and mental help with her homework. Mistress tells her to get Her glasses so She can help. Lina tells me to get them, saying i always get stuff as Mom tells me to. But now Mistress tells her to get them, and she does. Instead She tells me to change my clothes and eat and i obey swiftly, which Lina surely notices.

Later i make coconut chili chicken. As i am preparing it, Mistress visits me, gropes my butt and crotch, tells me to be nice. In the evening She allows me to stay up to write some texts.

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  1. Great day (and dinner!!)... groping and a great outfit