Monday, 30 January 2012

Ups and downs

During the week Mistress gets a little more demanding than usually, asking me to clean up the kitchen or empty the washing machine. On Wednesday evening She takes me on a walk with Her, it's nice, sunny spring weather.

i continue to make all the meals, but when i get home on Friday She has made a tortilla meal. For some reason i am not happy about that, maybe i feel i have not fulfilled my part. i mention that there's not much salsa sauce left. She gets annoyed on that, says She had to do something. i get annoyed, as She thought i had accused Her of something, though that was not my intention at all. But i react in a very stupid way, i repeat Her phrase in a funny voice. Something i have not done for years years. She immediately asks me to remain silent (our son was witnessing this argument). I remain silent for the rest of the evening, and so does She. Oh, such a sad evening. There are ups and downs even in a real D/s relationship.

Next morning is different. She pushes Her warm butt to me under the blankets, and i start to rub it, nuzzle myself to it, grab Her buttocks, kiss Her neck, fondle Her belly and breasts, and finally start licking Her pussy from behind, as She still lies on Her side. i continue by sticking my forefinger into Her pussy while licking Her clit. She allows me to start fucking Her without a condom, i continue, on top of Her, careful not to erupt, until She asks me to put on the condom. She insert my penis again, on Her side, from the back. We continue fucking for a long time, but She says in the mornings She is too tired to cum, so She just stops me when She's had enough.

i go to make the breakfast without grooming of my crotch area, and empty the dishwasher, clean up everything. i should take a holder in the dishwasher to be repaired, and i notice Mistress is googling a repair shop in our neighbor town. She wants me to drive Her there to visit some flea markets, second hand shops and we even go eat pizzas for lunch. It's a wonderful trip. i drop Mistress in a readers' circle meeting, and return to pick Her up. She had programmed my time during Her circle so that i had to cut apple tree branches. Later i make dinner, warm up the sauna.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

A little fun, much work

Mistress promised me yesterday 30 seconds of "private time". i use it in the morning right when i go to toilet for a morning pee. However, i'm still so sleepy i cannot edge before my watch shows 30 seconds is over.

The week continues uneventfully, i shop for groceries, prepare daily meals, but there is not much more to our D/s. On Thursday She however indicates some interest to sexual favors. She sits on top of me while i lie in the bed, and yanks my sleeveless shirt exposing one nipple at a time. She is so intensse She rips my shirt. Then She bites my nipples. i'm a bit afraid, and do a defensive gesture, which annoys Her ans She leaves me in peace. i'm sorry, Mistress.

On Friday i drive Mats back from the arts class and Lina to Her athletics hobby. Mats is a little bit ill and stays with U/us while Lina goes swimming later in the evening. Mistress orders me around, makes me prepare and bring Her tea.

On Saturday i plan the weekly menu after preparing breakfast. Then i must do the weekend groceries shopping. After preparing Indian shrimp lunch She orders me to do some chopping of logs and make firewood, which i complete in snowy weather. Then i may return inside to do the weekly bills paying.

On Sunday Mistress decides we go to gym, i like this routine of Sunday morning gyms. i don't find my gym shoes. Luckily they are found in the gym. i have forgotten them there. Lunch consists of yesterday's leftovers. Then my job is to cut branches from our apple trees. It is strenuous work, i have to tilt my neck and look straight up which makes my neck hurt. However,a slave must not complain.

Monday, 23 January 2012

A challenge for 30 seconds of masturbation time

On Friday i have taken kids from one hobby to another, and finally get home alone to find Her there in Her easy chair. She has me kneel in front of Her to chat with me, get Her tea, then sends me off to get the kids back.

During the weekend i'm on Her beck and call. i make the breakfast after epilating, on Saturday She sends me off to do the groceries shopping and take stuff into recycling. Then i make a Indian chicken korma and get ordered to cut apple tree branches in the garden. That work gets my neck very strenuous and cannot be continued for a long time.

When i'm back in bed Sunday night, Mistress has me take off my thong under the blanket. Then She surprisingly orders me to masturbate, lets me continue that for something like 20 seconds and orders me to stop. i wonder, should i ask if i should put the thong back on, but decide not to. Then She asks, if i would like to try a game. She bites me in various places, and if i am able to remain quiet, no screaming, without a gag, She will allow me another 30 seconds of "private time" which means masturbation alone in a wc. i say i wish to try that. i lay flat on my belly, She kneels up by my side where She has been lying. She bites my earlobe first, quite severely, then moves, and takes hold of my neck flesh with Her teeth, bites good. i cannot help but utter a small whining. She says She doesn't count that as a scream and continues. Next She moves down on my body, bites my side, which is a tickling surprise, which somehow causes me to try to raise my leg, but i remain silent. Then She takes the blanket off and reveals my naked butt, asks if it is washed, and when i say it is, She takes a big mouthful, bites for what She is worth, harder than ever, right in the middle of my right buttock. I concentrate with weepy eyes not to scream, and i succeed. She praises me and i get my reward, but says i must use the private time in the morning, as She might change Her mind about it.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Her ruined orgasm!

On Sunday W/we empty mother's stuff from the elderly people's home. W/we return home and She assigns me to make some firewood and warm up the sauna. i do my full water aerobics exercise even left unattended.

in the evening She asks me to lock bedroom door and put on something from our toy chest. i choose a dog collar and wide ankle and wrist straps. She dons stay ups and a black velvet negligee. i may kneel in front of Her while She sits at the edge of the bed and lick Her. She is not so enthusiastic about the new licking skills i learned from the book 'She comes first', and asks me to do it in the old way i used to. She orders me to get a condom, and get it on, and She inserts it, me still kneeling in front of Her. Then She lets me fuck Her, wearing my knees out. After a while She wants to move on to all fours, giving me instructions to move until i'm in the right position. i look at O/our reflection in the mirror, and concentrate not to cum. Quite quickly She approaches the edge, but i do so too, even though i rolled the condom on so that the penis head was at least mostly covered. I have to pull out to prevent a full orgasm, with the result that She goes through Her first ruined orgasm ever! Somehow She was just at the edge when i pulled out. She looks like She was in great pain. Another result is that i experience a nearly full orgasm though i pulled out. Oh what a catastrophe. Luckily, it didn't take away my willingness to serve.

During the week i continue to make meals and serve, obey all orders. i continue to use my cb like i did during the trip, putting together the cb first and push penis in past the p.o.i. only after that. Penis head remains bare during the day, and it feels nice though on certain days it pinches like it normally doesn't. On Thursday i put the cb on normally, but draw the foreskin back with the p.o.i. before i lock myself in. Still experimenting.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Balancing a book on my head

On Monday and Tuesday i have meetings in the evenings, but right after i get home i have to start making new food for the family for the next day. On Tuesday Mistress is angry for not getting Her evening and morning kisses and grabs my head as i sit on the floor by the telly and squeezes it to get my mouth open, cuts down my breathing by pressing on my nose and spits some dry apple She was chewing into my mouth and i swallow it.

On Wednesday She is strict with me, commands me around, establishing more control. i will change to casual clothes as She says so, She makes me go fetch Her warm socks and put them on, then remain kneeling and look straight up, head tilted up, when i try to straighten my neck She forbids it. She towers over me and looks down on me, then balances a book on my forehead, makes me balance it there for Her. After a long while She takes it off suddenly and tells i may lower me head. I remain kneeling, not daring move, until Lina arrives, and i change into kneeling in a more regular position.

On Thursday She touches and fondles my bare buttocks in the bathroom in the morning as i'm doing the epilating ritual with my trousers down.
Saturday is the sad day of my mother's funeral. In the morning i have to go through the usual rituals, making breakfast for all, and then do the weekend groceries shopping as well as get the funeral flowers. As W/we leave for the funeral i forget a few things, as i am quite nervous. i have been preparing a speech i have to make, and i have been in charge of everything else as well and i hope it was over and done with already. i forget my cell phone and my cb keys, so i have to keep it on day and night, as W/we will overnight at my mother-in-law's. i have to pull my sissy clit out of the cb for the night, and push it back in in the morning. The foreskin gets stuck in the p.o.i. and clit head remains bare all the day, which feels nice.

The funeral and the speech go well, me epilated and in cb.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Making out on a Sunday morning

Mistress is still controlling my net time, so i cannot update my blog very often.

Sunday morning Mistress wants to make out. She kisses me and wants me to lay on top of Her, warm from the night. She wants me to take off my sleeveless shirt and lay on top of Her in my thong. W/we talk about me not being allowed to remove my thong without Her permission. i pretend to be fucking Her with my thong on, raising Her legs on my shoulders etc. She asks me to lock the door, on the way back i start licking Her pussy, She lets me do it. i put my finger in Her pussy, two fingers, fingerfuck Her. i think this would be a way suitable for a slave to fuck a Mistress. She asks me to take off my thong, get a condom and put it on. She makes me kneel on the floor, sits on the edge of the bed, guides me to suck Her nipples, helps me get it in and starts to fuck me. Then i'm allowed to fuck Her. Later W/we move so that W/we are on all fours. She gives me advice - move up, shorter thrusts. Then She wants to lie on Her side, me behind Her. After a long while of fucking, and me being able to control myself and not even edge, She calls out an "undecided" and we stop. i was not able to give Her orgasm.

i will have to get rid of the condom and make breakfast. No time for epilating today. It's a fine, sunny day, and She leads us out after breakfast to carry wood from the tree i cut down. She has agreed that a woodworker She knows will be employed in our place in a few weeks to make new wooden platforms in our garden, and She plans them. i tend not to try to influence Her decisions. Then W/we get back and i start making frankfurter stroganoff for us and the girls, who notice it's daddy who makes the meals. Their parents start arriving to pick them up. W/we eat ourselves, and quite openly She asks me to prepare black tea for Her, and as i first make it using old tea leaves, She makes me pour it in sink and make a new one, with milk, and i comply. Then i may pay the bills and prepare a speech for the funeral. Later i will have to heat up the sauna and the rest of the evening i spend in a small sleeveless shirt and thin bikers' shorts type of shorts.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

At Her feet

On Saturday i prepare the breakfast, but must leave for a training course before others wake up. When i come back, i make smoked salmon soup for lunch.

Afterwards Mistress decides we go for a walk, up until the city center and shopping mall. It tires me up, but i make it, trailing Her route by Her side. When we come back, four friends of my daughter have already arrived and there's a birthday party going on. They have made their own food for the party, and we may participate and eat some of the most perfect chocolate mousse. A rare Saturday with no need for me to make dinner. Instead i read the paper at Mistress's feet and make preparations for the funeral. We stay up to watch a long movie Tess, with me serving Her tea once in a while.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Another working week

On Monday and Tuesday W/we are both working late; and not much happens. i do groceries on Monday and hurry to a community event, make Mexican chicken sauce for Tuesday. we watch a movie with Lina in the evening, Mistress already sleeping when we retire.
On Tuesday i go study Spanish again, and hurry back home. Mistress is still in a meeting, and i eat, clean the kitchen, and read papers and don't use net. She comes home, and says She's becoming horny again, and could rape me, but not tonight.
Wednesday is one of the evenings i get home only a little late. i spend time with Lina and Mistress, Lina is sick and stays home also the next day. i have to make new food, but i have forgotten one important ingredient. i have to change the order of meals in the menu and prepare veggie tortillas.
In the Thursday morning i clear the kitchen table among my normal routine. It's a long day again, i drop by at home to eat (old sauce) and go to an evening meeting. Finally when in bed W/we talk for a long time, which W/we don't normally do.
On Friday i do the groceries and talk to the priest at the same time of my mom's life story for the funeral speeches. At home Mistress has heated the sauna, but wants me clean its floor and to rub Her toes while W/we sit there. It is hot, and gives a relaxed feeling for the body for the whole evening. i have to take Mats to diving course and back however.