Monday, 9 January 2012

Another working week

On Monday and Tuesday W/we are both working late; and not much happens. i do groceries on Monday and hurry to a community event, make Mexican chicken sauce for Tuesday. we watch a movie with Lina in the evening, Mistress already sleeping when we retire.
On Tuesday i go study Spanish again, and hurry back home. Mistress is still in a meeting, and i eat, clean the kitchen, and read papers and don't use net. She comes home, and says She's becoming horny again, and could rape me, but not tonight.
Wednesday is one of the evenings i get home only a little late. i spend time with Lina and Mistress, Lina is sick and stays home also the next day. i have to make new food, but i have forgotten one important ingredient. i have to change the order of meals in the menu and prepare veggie tortillas.
In the Thursday morning i clear the kitchen table among my normal routine. It's a long day again, i drop by at home to eat (old sauce) and go to an evening meeting. Finally when in bed W/we talk for a long time, which W/we don't normally do.
On Friday i do the groceries and talk to the priest at the same time of my mom's life story for the funeral speeches. At home Mistress has heated the sauna, but wants me clean its floor and to rub Her toes while W/we sit there. It is hot, and gives a relaxed feeling for the body for the whole evening. i have to take Mats to diving course and back however.

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