Monday, 16 January 2012

Balancing a book on my head

On Monday and Tuesday i have meetings in the evenings, but right after i get home i have to start making new food for the family for the next day. On Tuesday Mistress is angry for not getting Her evening and morning kisses and grabs my head as i sit on the floor by the telly and squeezes it to get my mouth open, cuts down my breathing by pressing on my nose and spits some dry apple She was chewing into my mouth and i swallow it.

On Wednesday She is strict with me, commands me around, establishing more control. i will change to casual clothes as She says so, She makes me go fetch Her warm socks and put them on, then remain kneeling and look straight up, head tilted up, when i try to straighten my neck She forbids it. She towers over me and looks down on me, then balances a book on my forehead, makes me balance it there for Her. After a long while She takes it off suddenly and tells i may lower me head. I remain kneeling, not daring move, until Lina arrives, and i change into kneeling in a more regular position.

On Thursday She touches and fondles my bare buttocks in the bathroom in the morning as i'm doing the epilating ritual with my trousers down.
Saturday is the sad day of my mother's funeral. In the morning i have to go through the usual rituals, making breakfast for all, and then do the weekend groceries shopping as well as get the funeral flowers. As W/we leave for the funeral i forget a few things, as i am quite nervous. i have been preparing a speech i have to make, and i have been in charge of everything else as well and i hope it was over and done with already. i forget my cell phone and my cb keys, so i have to keep it on day and night, as W/we will overnight at my mother-in-law's. i have to pull my sissy clit out of the cb for the night, and push it back in in the morning. The foreskin gets stuck in the p.o.i. and clit head remains bare all the day, which feels nice.

The funeral and the speech go well, me epilated and in cb.

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