Monday, 23 January 2012

A challenge for 30 seconds of masturbation time

On Friday i have taken kids from one hobby to another, and finally get home alone to find Her there in Her easy chair. She has me kneel in front of Her to chat with me, get Her tea, then sends me off to get the kids back.

During the weekend i'm on Her beck and call. i make the breakfast after epilating, on Saturday She sends me off to do the groceries shopping and take stuff into recycling. Then i make a Indian chicken korma and get ordered to cut apple tree branches in the garden. That work gets my neck very strenuous and cannot be continued for a long time.

When i'm back in bed Sunday night, Mistress has me take off my thong under the blanket. Then She surprisingly orders me to masturbate, lets me continue that for something like 20 seconds and orders me to stop. i wonder, should i ask if i should put the thong back on, but decide not to. Then She asks, if i would like to try a game. She bites me in various places, and if i am able to remain quiet, no screaming, without a gag, She will allow me another 30 seconds of "private time" which means masturbation alone in a wc. i say i wish to try that. i lay flat on my belly, She kneels up by my side where She has been lying. She bites my earlobe first, quite severely, then moves, and takes hold of my neck flesh with Her teeth, bites good. i cannot help but utter a small whining. She says She doesn't count that as a scream and continues. Next She moves down on my body, bites my side, which is a tickling surprise, which somehow causes me to try to raise my leg, but i remain silent. Then She takes the blanket off and reveals my naked butt, asks if it is washed, and when i say it is, She takes a big mouthful, bites for what She is worth, harder than ever, right in the middle of my right buttock. I concentrate with weepy eyes not to scream, and i succeed. She praises me and i get my reward, but says i must use the private time in the morning, as She might change Her mind about it.

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