Sunday, 22 January 2012

Her ruined orgasm!

On Sunday W/we empty mother's stuff from the elderly people's home. W/we return home and She assigns me to make some firewood and warm up the sauna. i do my full water aerobics exercise even left unattended.

in the evening She asks me to lock bedroom door and put on something from our toy chest. i choose a dog collar and wide ankle and wrist straps. She dons stay ups and a black velvet negligee. i may kneel in front of Her while She sits at the edge of the bed and lick Her. She is not so enthusiastic about the new licking skills i learned from the book 'She comes first', and asks me to do it in the old way i used to. She orders me to get a condom, and get it on, and She inserts it, me still kneeling in front of Her. Then She lets me fuck Her, wearing my knees out. After a while She wants to move on to all fours, giving me instructions to move until i'm in the right position. i look at O/our reflection in the mirror, and concentrate not to cum. Quite quickly She approaches the edge, but i do so too, even though i rolled the condom on so that the penis head was at least mostly covered. I have to pull out to prevent a full orgasm, with the result that She goes through Her first ruined orgasm ever! Somehow She was just at the edge when i pulled out. She looks like She was in great pain. Another result is that i experience a nearly full orgasm though i pulled out. Oh what a catastrophe. Luckily, it didn't take away my willingness to serve.

During the week i continue to make meals and serve, obey all orders. i continue to use my cb like i did during the trip, putting together the cb first and push penis in past the p.o.i. only after that. Penis head remains bare during the day, and it feels nice though on certain days it pinches like it normally doesn't. On Thursday i put the cb on normally, but draw the foreskin back with the p.o.i. before i lock myself in. Still experimenting.

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