Saturday, 28 January 2012

A little fun, much work

Mistress promised me yesterday 30 seconds of "private time". i use it in the morning right when i go to toilet for a morning pee. However, i'm still so sleepy i cannot edge before my watch shows 30 seconds is over.

The week continues uneventfully, i shop for groceries, prepare daily meals, but there is not much more to our D/s. On Thursday She however indicates some interest to sexual favors. She sits on top of me while i lie in the bed, and yanks my sleeveless shirt exposing one nipple at a time. She is so intensse She rips my shirt. Then She bites my nipples. i'm a bit afraid, and do a defensive gesture, which annoys Her ans She leaves me in peace. i'm sorry, Mistress.

On Friday i drive Mats back from the arts class and Lina to Her athletics hobby. Mats is a little bit ill and stays with U/us while Lina goes swimming later in the evening. Mistress orders me around, makes me prepare and bring Her tea.

On Saturday i plan the weekly menu after preparing breakfast. Then i must do the weekend groceries shopping. After preparing Indian shrimp lunch She orders me to do some chopping of logs and make firewood, which i complete in snowy weather. Then i may return inside to do the weekly bills paying.

On Sunday Mistress decides we go to gym, i like this routine of Sunday morning gyms. i don't find my gym shoes. Luckily they are found in the gym. i have forgotten them there. Lunch consists of yesterday's leftovers. Then my job is to cut branches from our apple trees. It is strenuous work, i have to tilt my neck and look straight up which makes my neck hurt. However,a slave must not complain.

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