Sunday, 15 January 2012

Making out on a Sunday morning

Mistress is still controlling my net time, so i cannot update my blog very often.

Sunday morning Mistress wants to make out. She kisses me and wants me to lay on top of Her, warm from the night. She wants me to take off my sleeveless shirt and lay on top of Her in my thong. W/we talk about me not being allowed to remove my thong without Her permission. i pretend to be fucking Her with my thong on, raising Her legs on my shoulders etc. She asks me to lock the door, on the way back i start licking Her pussy, She lets me do it. i put my finger in Her pussy, two fingers, fingerfuck Her. i think this would be a way suitable for a slave to fuck a Mistress. She asks me to take off my thong, get a condom and put it on. She makes me kneel on the floor, sits on the edge of the bed, guides me to suck Her nipples, helps me get it in and starts to fuck me. Then i'm allowed to fuck Her. Later W/we move so that W/we are on all fours. She gives me advice - move up, shorter thrusts. Then She wants to lie on Her side, me behind Her. After a long while of fucking, and me being able to control myself and not even edge, She calls out an "undecided" and we stop. i was not able to give Her orgasm.

i will have to get rid of the condom and make breakfast. No time for epilating today. It's a fine, sunny day, and She leads us out after breakfast to carry wood from the tree i cut down. She has agreed that a woodworker She knows will be employed in our place in a few weeks to make new wooden platforms in our garden, and She plans them. i tend not to try to influence Her decisions. Then W/we get back and i start making frankfurter stroganoff for us and the girls, who notice it's daddy who makes the meals. Their parents start arriving to pick them up. W/we eat ourselves, and quite openly She asks me to prepare black tea for Her, and as i first make it using old tea leaves, She makes me pour it in sink and make a new one, with milk, and i comply. Then i may pay the bills and prepare a speech for the funeral. Later i will have to heat up the sauna and the rest of the evening i spend in a small sleeveless shirt and thin bikers' shorts type of shorts.

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