Monday, 30 January 2012

Ups and downs

During the week Mistress gets a little more demanding than usually, asking me to clean up the kitchen or empty the washing machine. On Wednesday evening She takes me on a walk with Her, it's nice, sunny spring weather.

i continue to make all the meals, but when i get home on Friday She has made a tortilla meal. For some reason i am not happy about that, maybe i feel i have not fulfilled my part. i mention that there's not much salsa sauce left. She gets annoyed on that, says She had to do something. i get annoyed, as She thought i had accused Her of something, though that was not my intention at all. But i react in a very stupid way, i repeat Her phrase in a funny voice. Something i have not done for years years. She immediately asks me to remain silent (our son was witnessing this argument). I remain silent for the rest of the evening, and so does She. Oh, such a sad evening. There are ups and downs even in a real D/s relationship.

Next morning is different. She pushes Her warm butt to me under the blankets, and i start to rub it, nuzzle myself to it, grab Her buttocks, kiss Her neck, fondle Her belly and breasts, and finally start licking Her pussy from behind, as She still lies on Her side. i continue by sticking my forefinger into Her pussy while licking Her clit. She allows me to start fucking Her without a condom, i continue, on top of Her, careful not to erupt, until She asks me to put on the condom. She insert my penis again, on Her side, from the back. We continue fucking for a long time, but She says in the mornings She is too tired to cum, so She just stops me when She's had enough.

i go to make the breakfast without grooming of my crotch area, and empty the dishwasher, clean up everything. i should take a holder in the dishwasher to be repaired, and i notice Mistress is googling a repair shop in our neighbor town. She wants me to drive Her there to visit some flea markets, second hand shops and we even go eat pizzas for lunch. It's a wonderful trip. i drop Mistress in a readers' circle meeting, and return to pick Her up. She had programmed my time during Her circle so that i had to cut apple tree branches. Later i make dinner, warm up the sauna.

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