Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wedding Anniversary D/s trip continues

Next morning i don't know when i wake up as my mobile and watch have been taken away from me. Mistress is still sleeping so i move silently to bathroom, and pluck and epilate, also new areas on my thighs, moving the boundary between epilated and hairy down my thighs.

Mistress wakes up, W/we kiss. i may remove the wrist and ankle straps before W/we go to breakfast. i open the doors for Mistress. In the restaurant She sends me to make Her another toast. Then i pack according to Her instructions. We leave, She instructs me to drive to the nearby town, leave Her there and drive back home (only some 30km) because W/we forgot to feed Lina's hamster. i get a list of what to do: get some cosmetics and make sandwiches, take water bottles.

i drive back to Mistress. She has done some shopping. She instructs me now to drive to a small former municipality, and W/we visit a medieval church there. Next She orders me to drive further to a nature resort, W/we park and change into outdoors clothing. W/we sit at the back of our wagon to change. i get into minor trouble finding my stuff, and get a bit irritated. Mistress orders me calmly to pack also the strap to my backbag, which i will carry all along the trail that She chooses.

It's lovely spring weather. The trail goes by a lake and Mistress orders us to stop at a big rock that slopes into the lake, and makes me prepare the lunch table: tea and sandwiches. i sit below Her under the slope. i may eat too, but She puts a rock in my tea. Later i pack the bag again and W/we continue. She says She's looking for some shielding bushes to beat me up with the strap, but W/we only find a group of men at a cabin, a forrester and other hikers.

As W/we are nearly through from the trail, She turns from the trail and walks up a hill. i must follow Her carrying the strap in my bag even though i know W/we are going to a secluded place to punish me. She goes between some firs, and asks me to give Her the strap, which i do kneeling, turn around, take down my pants, push my face in the ground and grab my ankles. The ground is soft but covered with thin sticks which break as i push my face to the soil. She pushes my cb'd balls forward with Her shoe, which makes me feel vulnerable, and begins giving me the strap with force on my ass and thighs. It hurts a lot like it did yesterday, but i manage not to shout. She turns to my other side, and straps my other buttock. As She orders me to get up the soil muffles my "Thank You, Mistress". i am trying to be polite all the time, thanking for every order She gives me. She hands me the strap to be put back to the bag.

As we walk away, She asks how i coped with my "pink thingy" during the beating, meaning the points of intrigue. i said maybe i was so frightened i was not so hard during it, and got hardest only after the beating as i was walking away. i say i have learned not to get hard in the cb even though i am hot and leaking precum.

W/we are soon back at our car and change back. i try look at my marks while i change pants. It was nice to do some kinky stuff out in the woods.

She makes me drive to the next town. i ask permission to discuss intimate affairs, meaning D/s issues, but i'm not granted permission. Otherwise i can talk freely. She says where to park, and leads us to an art exhibition, cafe and shops. At the cafe i ask what i can have, but notice i'm getting too far. She says She will not decide on that. i control myself and take a cheap bun.

i follow Her in shops, sometimes ask and get permission to go to men's dept if there is one. Then She orders me to drive to a certain address in the suburb. i think it may be the address of some church ruins, but once there it turns out a small hotel, where W/we stay.

i carry bags, Mistress checks in. W/we talk, turns out She wants to be called Madam, not Mistress. W/we go eat in a restaurant and have a booking for sauna. In sauna i may remove my cb, but masturbate a bit without permission. Madam asks about my sissy hard-on, and i get caught. She's angry as the punishment didn't have a longer effect. She makes me swim in a cool pool where water is 19 degrees C. After i walked into the deeper end with ballerina steps, i started really enjoying it.

In the room She made me read again for Her, this time on a hard wood floor on my knees in front of Her sitting in a comfy chair. i had only my briefs on, no cb. It went on long and i had to read on all fours for a while before ordered back into kneel-up position. Then She took a piece of chocolate, put it on top of nose, and told me to keep perfectly still and in any case keep the beautifully smelling piece from dropping off my nose. Then She started to poke my balls with Her foot, still saying i must keep the candy on my nose. i succeeded. After a long while She said i can eat it now. i tried to throw it into the air, but it was stuck to my nose, didn’t get off. i tried again, to no avail. Eventually it flew from my nose, but my motion was so strong it flew over my head, a long way, and under the bed. i immediately threw myself on the floor, and pushed my head under the bed and got it in my mouth, raised myself eating it, and thanked Madam. W/we got to bed, and She told me not to epilate and shave in the morning before She wakes up.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Wedding Anniversary hotel night

Mistress has arranged some programme for the long weekend ahead to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. i am not told anything.

Thursday is a holiday. i wake up at 7.04 and epilate the new larger area around my crotch. i make breakfast, fetch the paper and update my blog until Mistress wakes up. She's angry for me making Her tea in a wrong sort of cup She doesn't like. i ask if i can put it in another cup and She agrees. i don't read the paper before She has left the table. After clearing the used dishes, also Hers, i ask for my orders. She commands me to fetch certain bags, and pack me a smart set of clothes, a casual and an outdoor set. When i'm ready i ask for more orders, and She sends me to gas station and to draw some cash. Now i understand kids are going to Mistress’s sister in the evening for a few days.

As i come back She is guiding my neighbor to do a digging project at our boundary. i ask for further orders, and She commands me to carry more gravel to our building project. i continue that until it's past lunch time, and as i don't find Her, i go make Indian chicken meal with chocolate mousse and tea/coffee as dessert. She helps me clear the table afterwards! Then i continue with gravel, and She continues with man from next door, until it's time for me to get kids for bus stop where they start their journey to Mistress's sister. As i get home She commands me to shower, and then carry O/our bags to the car. W/we leave, She tells me only where to turn each time.

W/we end up at a neat little hotel in a small village, surrounded by old buildings and nature. She makes me carry O/our bags again, but She handles the check-in. In our room She makes me first remove Her shoes, and then unpack the necessary things. Next She makes me open a bottle of cava, and W/we drink most of it before leaving for a long walk to the nearby lake. Before W/we set off, She makes me return when we are on the yard, and get Her sunglasses from the room. W/we hold each other by hand most of the time and talk about ourselves and everything else.

Back at the hotel She makes me close the curtains and get completely naked. She points out for me to remove my wrist watch as well. i make a neat pile on a chair as She wants. The other chair is not necessary. She produces wrist and ankle restraints from Her bag and orders me to put them on. i manage to put the wrist restraints another notch tighter, very tight. She makes me kneel at Her feet and pour the rest of the cava to our glasses. i pour most to Her glass accidentally, She says i might get to drink a little from Her glass later. She says She controls my sissy clit here in person, and orders me to open the chastity belt. i succeed now better, but a-ring stays on as i get immediate bulging hard-on. The erection stays on all evening, most times as throbbing as ever because the a-ring works as a penis ring.

She points me to kneel at Her feet and massage Her toes. She says She confiscates my mobile now, i will not be allowed to answer it while on holiday. She shows me three books She has lent, and asks me what i would like best. One is a thriller "Chastity belt". i choose that, and She says She would have hoped i would have chosen another, because She had decided to give “Chastity belt” novel to me anyway, and in that case i would have not got what i wanted. So She hands the book over to me and says one of Her joys is to get me to read aloud for Her. She makes me read "Chastity belt" for a few pages. Then She orders me to get a towel and put it on the floor under me as i dribble precum on the floor - which continues for the rest of the evening. She also orders me to change for the other book as She is not satisfied with “Chastity belt”’s style. i continue with the other book.

She orders me to get the chocolates form Her bag, where i have not been allowed to even peek into. i put them on a table for Her to control, and She gives me one piece in my mouth. Later during the evening She gives me further 3 pieces. i kneel up and read for a long time. She moves to the bed and i turn on my knees to face Her (i'm by the foot of the bed) and continue reading. She makes me stop to get Her Her scetch book, and She starts to draw or write there – i never got to know - as i continue reading. My knees hurt and i rest my elbows on the Foot of the bed. She notices, and asks if She gave permission to that. i immediately kneel up and get new strength.

After i have read a bit more She asks me to come and put Her dark chocolate into pieces on Her bedside table. i remember to thank for every order She gives me. i cut the chocolate carefully, and remain kneeling beside Her bed, on the hard wooden floor (The earlier place had a carpet). She orders me to get Her a strap from Her bag. i get it, not knowing what She intends to use it for. She puts it hanging over Her shoulder and makes me kneel while She reads a garden magazine i also needed to bring Her. Then She casually orders me to put my head to my knees, which i do, and end up with my ass up in the air. She starts to strap my backside: sharp stings that a strap delivers when used with force. It's a warning to keep up my good behaviour. She reaches down and bites the hell out of my buttocks, then asks me to kneel up, and straps my nipples and penis. After that She orders me to resume reading and i may eat a piece of chocolate from Her hand. A lot later She asks me to get a bag of fruits from Her bag. She takes a look in the bag and orders me to wash Her an apple and peel me two mandrarines, and eat them.

i am made to read even more, and then She orders me to get the towel under me and then get my wrist watch, and as She wants me to give it to Her, i guess what's coming. i am allowed to wank now. A-ring makes my penis full and hard, and masturbating along the shaft hurts. But i am so wet i can massage my bare sissy clit head, and that is lovely. However i don't approach orgasm, probably due to the mentioned ring. In maybe 30 seconds She makes me stop high and dry. i ask to be photographed below the neck - my epilated crotch and my cb - but She just asks what for, and She adds this to my list of wishes She is not going to fulfil. Instead She makes me put Her cut chocolate carefully back to its box. Then She sends me to brush my teeth and go to bed naked, with the straps and the a-ring.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A busy Sunday

On Sunday morning i didn't wake up early because of a movie W/we watched in the evening, and Mistress woke up as i had only shaved, combed my hair, plucked my balls and epilated. i made porridge, and then She made me do the weekly menu again which i had neglected some weeks now, and make a shopping list. Shops were going to be opened only later today, so She told me to finish the digging job, which took 1,5 hours and move some earth with wheelbarrow.

As i was ready She ordered me to bring a jug of apple juice and glasses outside, which i did, and drink some myself before changing better clothes and driving to town to do the groceries. Next i knew i had to start making the three course meal She had confirmed: salmon salad, which She turned out to like very much, shrimp sauce and finally fruit salad with a creamy sauce. Basically i may eat the oldest leftover from the fridge, but this time i may eat the new shrimp sauce with old rice, as the kids don't like shrimps, and prefer the tomato sauce.

After we have eaten i clear the table, put the dishwasher on again and offer tea to Madam, who allows me to may make coffee for myself.

In the afternoon i slip away for some time to work on my story. Then i report outside, and i am used for moving gravel and earth and planting and watering a few bushes. Later i may get some firewood, warm up sauna, water more of the garden and make new firewood. The story i write is so exciting i get too strong urge to masturbate, and i have drawn my penis out the cb-2000 a few times, masturbated and put it back.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fucking Her with two condoms on

Next Saturday i had to be at a work seminar the whole day. Before i left, i made porridge for the rest of the family. i worked out a slave schedule table for Garrison at my work seminar. When back at home, i had to make tomato meat pasta first.

i was horny already, and then Mistress showed me Her new skirt She had bought at a fleamarket. W/we were at our bedroom, the kids were out and i started to feel Her legs, and noticed She had stay-up's – a sign of Her sexual activity. i talked about wanting to have sex with Her and not cum, as it's nicer to keep that sexual drive and maybe serve Her again soon. I talked about my newly epilated areas also. She started to get excited and let me kiss Her g-string-clad bottom and thighs above the stockings. That went on quite a long time, and i also pulled on her panties with my mouth so that the panties massaged Her pussy.

We talked about me fucking Her with two condoms on to keep me from cumming. i also mentioned the numbing Emla cream which could be the solution when put over penis before sex. She rised from the bed and took two condoms, locked the door, ordered me to strip everything. As i was naked, She handed me the cb-2000 key. Until now i had succeeded in keeping my precumming penis semirigid and keep the points from digging into my meat, but now suddenly it became so swollen it was difficult to remove the cb. As i know i will be getting out my penis tries to get hard as arock, and just pushing the locking pin off takes a lot of time.

Finally i get it off, but i know i cannot fuck well with a-ring on, so i will next direct all my willpower to get my erect penis pushed back inside my body cavity so much that i can also push it out of the a-ring that is around its base. Mistress thinks it looks very funny, as an erect penis nearly disappears as i push it inside. However, it doesn't disappear enough, and i must try it again and again, until i finally succeed.

She orders me to roll on both condoms right away, get on my back, and settles Her now pantiless bottom on my faces. i start immediate sucking and licking and pressing with my tongue and my gums. She is very excited. Then She orders me on my knees by the bed, sits at the edge, but exactly then Lina returns home with her friend, and Mistress stops me.

They stay downstairs, and i may start carefully fucking Her. She raises Her legs, and i keep them under my armpits. She thinks i get too excited, and i must pull out. Next i am ordered on my back for a riding session, and then on my side to finish my job from behind. The double condom idea works, i'm that close to cumming at certain points that with only one condom i would have cum.

After the intercourse without an orgasm for me, i must put back the cb as soon as i can, and go out where She shows me a place where to start to dig. i dig at the desired spot for the desired time.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hornier each day

Next Saturday when i wake up She is sleeping beside me. i have been let loose from the cock cage for the whole week as i got a rush behind my balls where the a-ring wears the skin. However, i have not been naughty, as my sexual drive has been exceptionally low. Now i notice sexual rush for the first time in many days and consider touching the skin of Her breast while She wakes up. i tell Her of my intention, and it ends up with us making love, She having a nice orgasm, and me not. That leads gradually to me being more attentive to Her, and getting hornier and continuing my work with "Working at the Hotel Garrison" which will be my fiction novel. During the week, with me back in the cb, i start to use all my free time on the novel.

i enlarge the area i epilate, so that on Friday there is only a neat triangle of hair left and i epilate also tops of my thighs. i start waking up early, before the alarm, because of the heat i'm in.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Relatives visiting

i wake up not so early, go quickly through the morning rituals, make porridge, then take out trash, take Her winter tyres to the garage, pick up newspaper and read it until She wakes up. i go upstairs to wake Her up at 9.45 and get back to finally eat my breakfast and coffee. Then i may go work on the stone paths, until the guests arrive. We have Her relatives visiting us. That means a busy day for me. i tour O/our garden with Her and the guests for a while, then ask Her if i should start with preparing the lunch, and She admits. i prepare a big number of enchilados, She helps setting up the table. After the meal i clear everything up. Then i lay the table for coffee and a cake that kids made.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

She's away, and seeing Her again makes me hot

On Sunday She makes me do work in the garden that She finds necessary. W/we make a big pile of the cut apple tree branches and i do a lot of firewood, and carry it to wood shed. Of course i make the meals too and warm up the sauna.

Tuesday morning Mistress leaves for continuation of Her course, and i'm left alone. i start working on a new Working in Hotel Garrison story (not yet published). i also fall back into masturbating while i write, but i only edge, no orgasm. Actually i could do with longer intervals between orgasms.

i make food each day for the kids and take them to their hobbies and call each evening to Mistress. On Saturday i have to attend a seminar and chauffeur kids before and after that. Then Mistress arrives back home. She's so beautiful, and seems to still love me a lot, She kisses me often, and hugs me. She tells me how happy She is with me. i prepare vegetable curry just for Her and beef for me and Mats. Lina is taken to her sleepover.

In the evening we retire early to bed. She wants me to lock the door and open the toy chest. She makes me undress and wait kneeling, while She puts on the corset and the stockings. i'll get to wear the ankle and wrist restraints. She has had Her period this week and She wants me to just lick Her nipples and clit. After that She takes my penis inside Her without a condom and lets me fuck Her a little that way, me kneeling by the bed, She sitting on the bed. That feels so nice, but soon She commands me to put on a condom. She orders me on my back on the bed, mounts me and rides me a little, then makes me fuck Her from below. She gets hot and wants me to fuck Her from behind, Her guaranteed way of reaching orgasm. She wants me to start slowly, but soon enough She cums, and i'm again caught by Her orgasm, and i cum too.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The homemade bondage hood

Thanks viewers - 200.000 page views was reached on 31th Jan!

For O/our wedding day i buy Her chocolate and flowers and pastries. She kisses me aggressively on the mouth and sticks Her tongue in my ear and sucks my ear in a way She knows drives me crazy.

Next week Mistress spends away from me in a spa, getting fysiotherapy for Her back, and enjoying a week off from Her demanding work. Did i mention She leads a company of 20 employees.

i go to work in the mornings and get back to make meals for the kids in the evening. i call Her daily to report and chat.

On Saturday i take care of groceries shopping and even buy me a cheap coat after a button fell off from an old coat. Mistress has given me a quota for coats and other clothes. If i buy a new one, something old has to be thrown away.

For dinner i prepare enchilados. Mistress gets home for that. Though She is quite busy the weekend She has time also to control me and kiss and hug me. First when She comes home She feels my penis and notices i'm not wearing the cb. As i couldn't keep it on during the nights, i decided not to wear it at all, if i can control my masturbating without it. i had a lot of workload during that week, so i didn't have any problem with masturbating. The cb goes back on now.

She's not happy with the cleanliness, and cleans up the kitchen table Herself, and sends me do some firewood in the yard.

In the evening W/we retire early and Mats remains in the living room watching Wild wild west. She tells me to kneel beside Her while She sits on the edge of the bed near our toy chest. From the chest She produces a leather hood with openings only for nostrils. This is actually of Her own making: as a pennysaving young couple W/we bought a length of black leather - a whole cow hide. Most of that remains still unused, but She sewed some homemade S/M gear that like the hood are perfect. She pulls it over my head. i remain kneeling naked with hands by my sides. My penis is erect, about as rigid as it gets. Then She ties something around my ball sac, all touching down there feels like magic. But i sense tension: She has tied O/our 2kg steel weight to my balls. We don't have a parachute, but She has just used some shoestrings like W/we've used to do. As i kneel with my balls being drawn towards the floor, She turns Her attention to my nipples, pressing Her teeth around the nipple, and drawing them away from my body. I can see a little through the nostril holes in the hood, and i see vaguely, that She wears Her black corset and stockings. Next She bites my buttocks with surprising force that makes me yelp. She doesn't allow me to draw myself away. I'm not restricted, so i need a lot of will power to stay put. Then She takes off my hood and guides me to suck Her nipples. Next She removes the weight, makes me run for the condom and put it on. i ask about foreskin and She makes me draw it off the penis head. She guides me in and i may fuck Her from behind. W/we cum simultaneously - so sweet.