Monday, 20 February 2012

A busy Sunday

On Sunday morning i didn't wake up early because of a movie W/we watched in the evening, and Mistress woke up as i had only shaved, combed my hair, plucked my balls and epilated. i made porridge, and then She made me do the weekly menu again which i had neglected some weeks now, and make a shopping list. Shops were going to be opened only later today, so She told me to finish the digging job, which took 1,5 hours and move some earth with wheelbarrow.

As i was ready She ordered me to bring a jug of apple juice and glasses outside, which i did, and drink some myself before changing better clothes and driving to town to do the groceries. Next i knew i had to start making the three course meal She had confirmed: salmon salad, which She turned out to like very much, shrimp sauce and finally fruit salad with a creamy sauce. Basically i may eat the oldest leftover from the fridge, but this time i may eat the new shrimp sauce with old rice, as the kids don't like shrimps, and prefer the tomato sauce.

After we have eaten i clear the table, put the dishwasher on again and offer tea to Madam, who allows me to may make coffee for myself.

In the afternoon i slip away for some time to work on my story. Then i report outside, and i am used for moving gravel and earth and planting and watering a few bushes. Later i may get some firewood, warm up sauna, water more of the garden and make new firewood. The story i write is so exciting i get too strong urge to masturbate, and i have drawn my penis out the cb-2000 a few times, masturbated and put it back.

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