Monday, 13 February 2012

Hornier each day

Next Saturday when i wake up She is sleeping beside me. i have been let loose from the cock cage for the whole week as i got a rush behind my balls where the a-ring wears the skin. However, i have not been naughty, as my sexual drive has been exceptionally low. Now i notice sexual rush for the first time in many days and consider touching the skin of Her breast while She wakes up. i tell Her of my intention, and it ends up with us making love, She having a nice orgasm, and me not. That leads gradually to me being more attentive to Her, and getting hornier and continuing my work with "Working at the Hotel Garrison" which will be my fiction novel. During the week, with me back in the cb, i start to use all my free time on the novel.

i enlarge the area i epilate, so that on Friday there is only a neat triangle of hair left and i epilate also tops of my thighs. i start waking up early, before the alarm, because of the heat i'm in.

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