Saturday, 11 February 2012

Relatives visiting

i wake up not so early, go quickly through the morning rituals, make porridge, then take out trash, take Her winter tyres to the garage, pick up newspaper and read it until She wakes up. i go upstairs to wake Her up at 9.45 and get back to finally eat my breakfast and coffee. Then i may go work on the stone paths, until the guests arrive. We have Her relatives visiting us. That means a busy day for me. i tour O/our garden with Her and the guests for a while, then ask Her if i should start with preparing the lunch, and She admits. i prepare a big number of enchilados, She helps setting up the table. After the meal i clear everything up. Then i lay the table for coffee and a cake that kids made.

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  1. Oh, historical footage - a GDR border guard with her watch dog...