Wednesday, 8 February 2012

She's away, and seeing Her again makes me hot

On Sunday She makes me do work in the garden that She finds necessary. W/we make a big pile of the cut apple tree branches and i do a lot of firewood, and carry it to wood shed. Of course i make the meals too and warm up the sauna.

Tuesday morning Mistress leaves for continuation of Her course, and i'm left alone. i start working on a new Working in Hotel Garrison story (not yet published). i also fall back into masturbating while i write, but i only edge, no orgasm. Actually i could do with longer intervals between orgasms.

i make food each day for the kids and take them to their hobbies and call each evening to Mistress. On Saturday i have to attend a seminar and chauffeur kids before and after that. Then Mistress arrives back home. She's so beautiful, and seems to still love me a lot, She kisses me often, and hugs me. She tells me how happy She is with me. i prepare vegetable curry just for Her and beef for me and Mats. Lina is taken to her sleepover.

In the evening we retire early to bed. She wants me to lock the door and open the toy chest. She makes me undress and wait kneeling, while She puts on the corset and the stockings. i'll get to wear the ankle and wrist restraints. She has had Her period this week and She wants me to just lick Her nipples and clit. After that She takes my penis inside Her without a condom and lets me fuck Her a little that way, me kneeling by the bed, She sitting on the bed. That feels so nice, but soon She commands me to put on a condom. She orders me on my back on the bed, mounts me and rides me a little, then makes me fuck Her from below. She gets hot and wants me to fuck Her from behind, Her guaranteed way of reaching orgasm. She wants me to start slowly, but soon enough She cums, and i'm again caught by Her orgasm, and i cum too.

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