Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wedding Anniversary D/s trip continues

Next morning i don't know when i wake up as my mobile and watch have been taken away from me. Mistress is still sleeping so i move silently to bathroom, and pluck and epilate, also new areas on my thighs, moving the boundary between epilated and hairy down my thighs.

Mistress wakes up, W/we kiss. i may remove the wrist and ankle straps before W/we go to breakfast. i open the doors for Mistress. In the restaurant She sends me to make Her another toast. Then i pack according to Her instructions. We leave, She instructs me to drive to the nearby town, leave Her there and drive back home (only some 30km) because W/we forgot to feed Lina's hamster. i get a list of what to do: get some cosmetics and make sandwiches, take water bottles.

i drive back to Mistress. She has done some shopping. She instructs me now to drive to a small former municipality, and W/we visit a medieval church there. Next She orders me to drive further to a nature resort, W/we park and change into outdoors clothing. W/we sit at the back of our wagon to change. i get into minor trouble finding my stuff, and get a bit irritated. Mistress orders me calmly to pack also the strap to my backbag, which i will carry all along the trail that She chooses.

It's lovely spring weather. The trail goes by a lake and Mistress orders us to stop at a big rock that slopes into the lake, and makes me prepare the lunch table: tea and sandwiches. i sit below Her under the slope. i may eat too, but She puts a rock in my tea. Later i pack the bag again and W/we continue. She says She's looking for some shielding bushes to beat me up with the strap, but W/we only find a group of men at a cabin, a forrester and other hikers.

As W/we are nearly through from the trail, She turns from the trail and walks up a hill. i must follow Her carrying the strap in my bag even though i know W/we are going to a secluded place to punish me. She goes between some firs, and asks me to give Her the strap, which i do kneeling, turn around, take down my pants, push my face in the ground and grab my ankles. The ground is soft but covered with thin sticks which break as i push my face to the soil. She pushes my cb'd balls forward with Her shoe, which makes me feel vulnerable, and begins giving me the strap with force on my ass and thighs. It hurts a lot like it did yesterday, but i manage not to shout. She turns to my other side, and straps my other buttock. As She orders me to get up the soil muffles my "Thank You, Mistress". i am trying to be polite all the time, thanking for every order She gives me. She hands me the strap to be put back to the bag.

As we walk away, She asks how i coped with my "pink thingy" during the beating, meaning the points of intrigue. i said maybe i was so frightened i was not so hard during it, and got hardest only after the beating as i was walking away. i say i have learned not to get hard in the cb even though i am hot and leaking precum.

W/we are soon back at our car and change back. i try look at my marks while i change pants. It was nice to do some kinky stuff out in the woods.

She makes me drive to the next town. i ask permission to discuss intimate affairs, meaning D/s issues, but i'm not granted permission. Otherwise i can talk freely. She says where to park, and leads us to an art exhibition, cafe and shops. At the cafe i ask what i can have, but notice i'm getting too far. She says She will not decide on that. i control myself and take a cheap bun.

i follow Her in shops, sometimes ask and get permission to go to men's dept if there is one. Then She orders me to drive to a certain address in the suburb. i think it may be the address of some church ruins, but once there it turns out a small hotel, where W/we stay.

i carry bags, Mistress checks in. W/we talk, turns out She wants to be called Madam, not Mistress. W/we go eat in a restaurant and have a booking for sauna. In sauna i may remove my cb, but masturbate a bit without permission. Madam asks about my sissy hard-on, and i get caught. She's angry as the punishment didn't have a longer effect. She makes me swim in a cool pool where water is 19 degrees C. After i walked into the deeper end with ballerina steps, i started really enjoying it.

In the room She made me read again for Her, this time on a hard wood floor on my knees in front of Her sitting in a comfy chair. i had only my briefs on, no cb. It went on long and i had to read on all fours for a while before ordered back into kneel-up position. Then She took a piece of chocolate, put it on top of nose, and told me to keep perfectly still and in any case keep the beautifully smelling piece from dropping off my nose. Then She started to poke my balls with Her foot, still saying i must keep the candy on my nose. i succeeded. After a long while She said i can eat it now. i tried to throw it into the air, but it was stuck to my nose, didn’t get off. i tried again, to no avail. Eventually it flew from my nose, but my motion was so strong it flew over my head, a long way, and under the bed. i immediately threw myself on the floor, and pushed my head under the bed and got it in my mouth, raised myself eating it, and thanked Madam. W/we got to bed, and She told me not to epilate and shave in the morning before She wakes up.

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