Friday, 24 February 2012

Wedding Anniversary hotel night

Mistress has arranged some programme for the long weekend ahead to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. i am not told anything.

Thursday is a holiday. i wake up at 7.04 and epilate the new larger area around my crotch. i make breakfast, fetch the paper and update my blog until Mistress wakes up. She's angry for me making Her tea in a wrong sort of cup She doesn't like. i ask if i can put it in another cup and She agrees. i don't read the paper before She has left the table. After clearing the used dishes, also Hers, i ask for my orders. She commands me to fetch certain bags, and pack me a smart set of clothes, a casual and an outdoor set. When i'm ready i ask for more orders, and She sends me to gas station and to draw some cash. Now i understand kids are going to Mistress’s sister in the evening for a few days.

As i come back She is guiding my neighbor to do a digging project at our boundary. i ask for further orders, and She commands me to carry more gravel to our building project. i continue that until it's past lunch time, and as i don't find Her, i go make Indian chicken meal with chocolate mousse and tea/coffee as dessert. She helps me clear the table afterwards! Then i continue with gravel, and She continues with man from next door, until it's time for me to get kids for bus stop where they start their journey to Mistress's sister. As i get home She commands me to shower, and then carry O/our bags to the car. W/we leave, She tells me only where to turn each time.

W/we end up at a neat little hotel in a small village, surrounded by old buildings and nature. She makes me carry O/our bags again, but She handles the check-in. In our room She makes me first remove Her shoes, and then unpack the necessary things. Next She makes me open a bottle of cava, and W/we drink most of it before leaving for a long walk to the nearby lake. Before W/we set off, She makes me return when we are on the yard, and get Her sunglasses from the room. W/we hold each other by hand most of the time and talk about ourselves and everything else.

Back at the hotel She makes me close the curtains and get completely naked. She points out for me to remove my wrist watch as well. i make a neat pile on a chair as She wants. The other chair is not necessary. She produces wrist and ankle restraints from Her bag and orders me to put them on. i manage to put the wrist restraints another notch tighter, very tight. She makes me kneel at Her feet and pour the rest of the cava to our glasses. i pour most to Her glass accidentally, She says i might get to drink a little from Her glass later. She says She controls my sissy clit here in person, and orders me to open the chastity belt. i succeed now better, but a-ring stays on as i get immediate bulging hard-on. The erection stays on all evening, most times as throbbing as ever because the a-ring works as a penis ring.

She points me to kneel at Her feet and massage Her toes. She says She confiscates my mobile now, i will not be allowed to answer it while on holiday. She shows me three books She has lent, and asks me what i would like best. One is a thriller "Chastity belt". i choose that, and She says She would have hoped i would have chosen another, because She had decided to give “Chastity belt” novel to me anyway, and in that case i would have not got what i wanted. So She hands the book over to me and says one of Her joys is to get me to read aloud for Her. She makes me read "Chastity belt" for a few pages. Then She orders me to get a towel and put it on the floor under me as i dribble precum on the floor - which continues for the rest of the evening. She also orders me to change for the other book as She is not satisfied with “Chastity belt”’s style. i continue with the other book.

She orders me to get the chocolates form Her bag, where i have not been allowed to even peek into. i put them on a table for Her to control, and She gives me one piece in my mouth. Later during the evening She gives me further 3 pieces. i kneel up and read for a long time. She moves to the bed and i turn on my knees to face Her (i'm by the foot of the bed) and continue reading. She makes me stop to get Her Her scetch book, and She starts to draw or write there – i never got to know - as i continue reading. My knees hurt and i rest my elbows on the Foot of the bed. She notices, and asks if She gave permission to that. i immediately kneel up and get new strength.

After i have read a bit more She asks me to come and put Her dark chocolate into pieces on Her bedside table. i remember to thank for every order She gives me. i cut the chocolate carefully, and remain kneeling beside Her bed, on the hard wooden floor (The earlier place had a carpet). She orders me to get Her a strap from Her bag. i get it, not knowing what She intends to use it for. She puts it hanging over Her shoulder and makes me kneel while She reads a garden magazine i also needed to bring Her. Then She casually orders me to put my head to my knees, which i do, and end up with my ass up in the air. She starts to strap my backside: sharp stings that a strap delivers when used with force. It's a warning to keep up my good behaviour. She reaches down and bites the hell out of my buttocks, then asks me to kneel up, and straps my nipples and penis. After that She orders me to resume reading and i may eat a piece of chocolate from Her hand. A lot later She asks me to get a bag of fruits from Her bag. She takes a look in the bag and orders me to wash Her an apple and peel me two mandrarines, and eat them.

i am made to read even more, and then She orders me to get the towel under me and then get my wrist watch, and as She wants me to give it to Her, i guess what's coming. i am allowed to wank now. A-ring makes my penis full and hard, and masturbating along the shaft hurts. But i am so wet i can massage my bare sissy clit head, and that is lovely. However i don't approach orgasm, probably due to the mentioned ring. In maybe 30 seconds She makes me stop high and dry. i ask to be photographed below the neck - my epilated crotch and my cb - but She just asks what for, and She adds this to my list of wishes She is not going to fulfil. Instead She makes me put Her cut chocolate carefully back to its box. Then She sends me to brush my teeth and go to bed naked, with the straps and the a-ring.

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