Thursday, 29 March 2012

A ruined supervised masturbation orgasm

i was hot all the time. On first Sunday of the holiday She wanted sex. She just kissed me in bed, holding me tightly by cheeks, and shoved my head down towards Her crotch. i knew to lick and suck Her pussy, until She ordered me to get the condom. Then She raised Herself on all fours, but as i tried to mount Her She told me to dig my face into Her ass and lick Her pussy from behind. i continued this, a favourite of mine, until She threw Herself on Her back and invited me to fuck Her. i started to fuck thinking this is for Her pleasure, and i must not cum. i was determined not to cum and spoil this lovely heat i was in.

My balls were hitting Her perineum nicely, as She wanted me to have Her from behind. i managed to quickly get into a nice banging rhythm, my loins hitting Her bottom. She started to cum quickly, and i could continue to fuck Her right through Her orgasm. Then i had to pull out quickly, to prevent my own orgasm, which was suddenly close by.

This succeeded, and i remained horny. It didn't go unnoticed for Mistress, who rewarded me after a hard work on one of my first holidays. She ordered me to fetch 4 tissues, kneel, put 3 tissues on the floor, and masturbate on the tissues for 30 seconds. Mistress reads Her book on the bed, i kneel by the bed. i am rock hard in seconds, but there is no outcome after 30 seconds. She lets me continue, until i get to the edge, and as i let go of my penis, and lean over the tissues, i manage to produce a small pool of semen on tissues.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Holidays as a slave

In two weeks my summer holidays are starting, and i almost purposefully start dreaming of being in a two-slave household lead by my Wife and Her boyfriend to get myself horny again. i was so busy at work my urges were down the whole two week time.

As my holidays start i become my Wife's 24/7 slave again. Besides She uses discipline on me. Once She empties my pockets, orders me to go into a dark toilet, and sit on the rim until She comes to pick me up. She leaves the door a little open, but i stay there. i hear Her telling kids She doesn't know where i am. After maybe half an hour She lets me out. Another time She ordered me to remove my shorts and briefs, and kneel, pressing my forehead to Her wet swimsuit - She had just been swimming in the sea. Then She proceeded to chastize me with a hairbrush, which hurt surprisingly bad and made me howl.

It was a really relaxing holiday. i didn't have to worry about anything, the least about planning ahead. Mistress informed i need to do porridge every other morning and every other W/we eat sandwiches. Every other evening i must warm up the sauna. Otherwise i just report to Her after each chore by approaching silently and remaining standing near Her without trying to get Her attention, standing straight, hands by sides, hands cupped - thumb touching the first joints of other fingers.

She assigned me new tasks after completing earlier ones. On hot days She also commanded me to take a swim even 3 times a day. i was made to paint big parts of the seaside sauna, oil outdoor stairs, complete paved tails, water the garden, collect strawberries, weed... i didn't need to worry about uncompleted tasks and what to do next, just concentrate on the task at hand. She might order me to finish firewood chopping, and then make lunch. Only that much i knew about the futute. She didn't tell me what to expect in the afternoon.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Work - and reward

On Sunday i have to go to work. Before i go, i make breakfast so that it is ready for the family as T/they wake up. After i come back, i will have to toll away, washing windows and making dinner.

Next Friday Mistress's holidays have started and She goes with Lina and Mats to Her mother's for a day. She has left me with a 10-point list of work to complete. The list states that everything must be done before T/they return. There are things like painting a door, with clear instructions how - She has bought the paint and paintbrush beforehand. Everything's written down, even feeding the hamster. i have to plant a tree, move a big perennial, move a big pile of gravel, and do various other jobs decided by Her. i complete everything, but have time to go through the web in the evening.

As T/they return, and appreciate that i have not left a single task undone, Mistress rewards me with a 30 second masturbation allowance in the wc. i speed up and get on the edge in 25 seconds, and continue... And let go only as i'm clearly over the edge. my penis twitches in the air and shoots my load in 5-6 spurts. i fear immediately that i got too far, as i cannot make myself lick my cum from the various spots on the bathroom floor where it landed. I have noticed that it is a sign of a well ruined orgasm that licking cum is no obstacle afterwards. i start doing it but there is so much cum... Later it turns out my body counted that as an orgasm and i loose sexual urges for nearly two weeks. i have to be more careful in the future, and let go of my penis whenever i reach the edge and not a second later.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Two punishments

Sunday morning i make rice porridge and have time to read the paper before it's 9 o'clock and time to wake up Mistress. After breakfast She sends me off to buy gas for the lawnmower. As i get home She orders me to stand facing away from Her, and She stuffs my briefs with nettles. With a nettle-clad bottom i am sent to weed and water the garden. First they burn at each step, later they develop a dull itching all around my bottom, with occasional bites. The nettles stay on as i make lunch and only as i have warmed up the sauna late afternoon She allows me to remove the nettles.

Next week my service detoriates again, and as a result She threatens to make me drink foul water from the dish rag. On Saturday i read the paper and don't appear apprehensive, so She fulfills the threat, makes me kneel in the kitchen, squeezes a dish rag into a glass, and makes me drink it. i get a rush of sub attitude immediately, and start cleaning the kitchen and serve Madame hand and foot the whole day. She orders me to fix the lawnmower, mow the lawn, finish making firewood of an old pile of branches, do lunch, make Her tea, make dinner, pay the bills. No sexual release this week. my orgasm has kept my urges down. i shouldn't be allowed to cum.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A slave is not to interfere in decision making

During the week things got back to quite vanilla, with a few exceptions. On Thursday i asked Mistress what to do when i got home. i was allowed to eat. i referred somehow to the get-back-home-kiss, and She pointed at the floor, wanted to kiss me from above. Later She ordered me to plant some trees. As i got back in i went to the sofa to watch tv, but Mistress came and pointed at the floor. She asked if She had given me permission to sit on the sofa and watch TV. She hadn't. Then She ordered me to change my pants. i was especially not allowed to sit on O/our new sofa with my yardwork pants. Then she allowed me to sit on the sofa, but not watch TV, but listen to the radio.

Mistress is planning to have a greenhouse built and on Saturday She had the guy whom She has hired for construction work to come over and review our project. Although She is handling the negotiations with all the contractors, i join them for the review. It would be so humiliating not to take any part in this project She's handling with "alpha men". But i get carried away and i start discussing how much it would cost to use a diy greenhouse package instead of making it on the spot from glass and 2'x4'. i go through a brochure Mistress has brought. She looks at me angrily and takes that brochure away from me so that the guy surely notices. It was a clear sign: don't interfere any more with T/their discussions.

Later Mistress scolds me for hurting Her by trying to be a besserwisser. She says i have only two choices, either to move away or be Her slave, there are no other options. She says also scolding is not enough, i will get a punishment for my insolence, tomorrow. i completely agree, and look down in shame.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Foreskin ring?

i thought Sunday could be a challenge after the orgasm, but it goes fine. Breakfast porridge, setting the table. She orders me to go to gas station to buy lawnmower oil and some plants from the plant shop. Then lawn mowing, preparing excellent lunch, putting together a tax report, rest of the lawn mowing. i found Constance Smythe's wonderful new site with lots of exciting reading; and spent part of the day getting horny again with the cuckolding theme. Still later She made me warm up the sauna. i was horny and alone without cb but wouldn't indulge in a masturbation. Self control.

i have been studying how to get cb-2000 secured with a piercing. The easy and 100% sure way is to get a piercing in the foreskin on top side, near the base, where the locking pin is located. Use a regular captive bead ring, and put the locking pin through the ring as you put the cb-2000 on, so that the ring is caught on the locking pin between the points of intrigue and the cock cage. This way you'll prevent the pullout possibility altogether, as you cannot use pliers through the cb to open the captive bead ring. Also, when you have genital sex, the ring can be removed. Other times it stays on. i have already talked to Mistress about this invention, and maybe She'll take me pierced soon. i think i'm more excited about this than She.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Heading back home

i woke up 6.20, did a lot of plucking hair, until She woke up after 7 and i could shave and epilate, a long time, making the triangle a bit smaller and more even and epilating more of my thighs. She made me pack up, and W/we went for breakfast, a very nice, empty dining room – it was a very small and quiet hotel.

W/we left the hotel and i acted as Madam's chauffeur, as W/we went through Her predefined route of different shops. i was looking for pervertibles, and with a dime i was allowed to buy a set of 4 "universal clamps". Then W/we drove to Her sister's to pick up the kids.

At home things turned to normal, even though i was a bit more attentive than normal. i unpacked what She didn't, and made a two-course dinner (good chocolate mousse) right away, planned next meals and went to grocery stores to buy everything necessary. She said She wanted rahbarber bruschettas, but only after working in the garden, only later did She order me to make them.

She said She doesn't want me to watch as much TV as i have lately. i should be reading books, and even internet may be better. So i worked on my story for a while. Cat didn't come back home and Madam was sad. i was allowed to go to bed before others.

When i had been to bed for a while, Mistress comes in, kisses me on the mouth to wake me up, and starts to manipulate my butt. i lie on my stomach. Then She turns away from me, lying on Her side, and makes me turn to Her on my side, and start fucking Her with my thong on and covering my sissy clit. After a while She turned down and masturbated me through my thong. i thought She would not let me undress my thong, but She did tell me to undress completely and lie down. She slid on top of me so that i slid inside Her without a condom. It felt so wonderful. After my willy slid in and out a few times She commanded me to put the condom on. W/we ended up fucking on all fours. i was close to cumming, so i asked for another condom. I got another, but it was to no avail, as She came, i had a cummie too.