Saturday, 10 March 2012

Foreskin ring?

i thought Sunday could be a challenge after the orgasm, but it goes fine. Breakfast porridge, setting the table. She orders me to go to gas station to buy lawnmower oil and some plants from the plant shop. Then lawn mowing, preparing excellent lunch, putting together a tax report, rest of the lawn mowing. i found Constance Smythe's wonderful new site with lots of exciting reading; and spent part of the day getting horny again with the cuckolding theme. Still later She made me warm up the sauna. i was horny and alone without cb but wouldn't indulge in a masturbation. Self control.

i have been studying how to get cb-2000 secured with a piercing. The easy and 100% sure way is to get a piercing in the foreskin on top side, near the base, where the locking pin is located. Use a regular captive bead ring, and put the locking pin through the ring as you put the cb-2000 on, so that the ring is caught on the locking pin between the points of intrigue and the cock cage. This way you'll prevent the pullout possibility altogether, as you cannot use pliers through the cb to open the captive bead ring. Also, when you have genital sex, the ring can be removed. Other times it stays on. i have already talked to Mistress about this invention, and maybe She'll take me pierced soon. i think i'm more excited about this than She.

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