Friday, 2 March 2012

Heading back home

i woke up 6.20, did a lot of plucking hair, until She woke up after 7 and i could shave and epilate, a long time, making the triangle a bit smaller and more even and epilating more of my thighs. She made me pack up, and W/we went for breakfast, a very nice, empty dining room – it was a very small and quiet hotel.

W/we left the hotel and i acted as Madam's chauffeur, as W/we went through Her predefined route of different shops. i was looking for pervertibles, and with a dime i was allowed to buy a set of 4 "universal clamps". Then W/we drove to Her sister's to pick up the kids.

At home things turned to normal, even though i was a bit more attentive than normal. i unpacked what She didn't, and made a two-course dinner (good chocolate mousse) right away, planned next meals and went to grocery stores to buy everything necessary. She said She wanted rahbarber bruschettas, but only after working in the garden, only later did She order me to make them.

She said She doesn't want me to watch as much TV as i have lately. i should be reading books, and even internet may be better. So i worked on my story for a while. Cat didn't come back home and Madam was sad. i was allowed to go to bed before others.

When i had been to bed for a while, Mistress comes in, kisses me on the mouth to wake me up, and starts to manipulate my butt. i lie on my stomach. Then She turns away from me, lying on Her side, and makes me turn to Her on my side, and start fucking Her with my thong on and covering my sissy clit. After a while She turned down and masturbated me through my thong. i thought She would not let me undress my thong, but She did tell me to undress completely and lie down. She slid on top of me so that i slid inside Her without a condom. It felt so wonderful. After my willy slid in and out a few times She commanded me to put the condom on. W/we ended up fucking on all fours. i was close to cumming, so i asked for another condom. I got another, but it was to no avail, as She came, i had a cummie too.

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