Friday, 23 March 2012

Holidays as a slave

In two weeks my summer holidays are starting, and i almost purposefully start dreaming of being in a two-slave household lead by my Wife and Her boyfriend to get myself horny again. i was so busy at work my urges were down the whole two week time.

As my holidays start i become my Wife's 24/7 slave again. Besides She uses discipline on me. Once She empties my pockets, orders me to go into a dark toilet, and sit on the rim until She comes to pick me up. She leaves the door a little open, but i stay there. i hear Her telling kids She doesn't know where i am. After maybe half an hour She lets me out. Another time She ordered me to remove my shorts and briefs, and kneel, pressing my forehead to Her wet swimsuit - She had just been swimming in the sea. Then She proceeded to chastize me with a hairbrush, which hurt surprisingly bad and made me howl.

It was a really relaxing holiday. i didn't have to worry about anything, the least about planning ahead. Mistress informed i need to do porridge every other morning and every other W/we eat sandwiches. Every other evening i must warm up the sauna. Otherwise i just report to Her after each chore by approaching silently and remaining standing near Her without trying to get Her attention, standing straight, hands by sides, hands cupped - thumb touching the first joints of other fingers.

She assigned me new tasks after completing earlier ones. On hot days She also commanded me to take a swim even 3 times a day. i was made to paint big parts of the seaside sauna, oil outdoor stairs, complete paved tails, water the garden, collect strawberries, weed... i didn't need to worry about uncompleted tasks and what to do next, just concentrate on the task at hand. She might order me to finish firewood chopping, and then make lunch. Only that much i knew about the futute. She didn't tell me what to expect in the afternoon.

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