Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A slave is not to interfere in decision making

During the week things got back to quite vanilla, with a few exceptions. On Thursday i asked Mistress what to do when i got home. i was allowed to eat. i referred somehow to the get-back-home-kiss, and She pointed at the floor, wanted to kiss me from above. Later She ordered me to plant some trees. As i got back in i went to the sofa to watch tv, but Mistress came and pointed at the floor. She asked if She had given me permission to sit on the sofa and watch TV. She hadn't. Then She ordered me to change my pants. i was especially not allowed to sit on O/our new sofa with my yardwork pants. Then she allowed me to sit on the sofa, but not watch TV, but listen to the radio.

Mistress is planning to have a greenhouse built and on Saturday She had the guy whom She has hired for construction work to come over and review our project. Although She is handling the negotiations with all the contractors, i join them for the review. It would be so humiliating not to take any part in this project She's handling with "alpha men". But i get carried away and i start discussing how much it would cost to use a diy greenhouse package instead of making it on the spot from glass and 2'x4'. i go through a brochure Mistress has brought. She looks at me angrily and takes that brochure away from me so that the guy surely notices. It was a clear sign: don't interfere any more with T/their discussions.

Later Mistress scolds me for hurting Her by trying to be a besserwisser. She says i have only two choices, either to move away or be Her slave, there are no other options. She says also scolding is not enough, i will get a punishment for my insolence, tomorrow. i completely agree, and look down in shame.

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