Friday, 16 March 2012

Two punishments

Sunday morning i make rice porridge and have time to read the paper before it's 9 o'clock and time to wake up Mistress. After breakfast She sends me off to buy gas for the lawnmower. As i get home She orders me to stand facing away from Her, and She stuffs my briefs with nettles. With a nettle-clad bottom i am sent to weed and water the garden. First they burn at each step, later they develop a dull itching all around my bottom, with occasional bites. The nettles stay on as i make lunch and only as i have warmed up the sauna late afternoon She allows me to remove the nettles.

Next week my service detoriates again, and as a result She threatens to make me drink foul water from the dish rag. On Saturday i read the paper and don't appear apprehensive, so She fulfills the threat, makes me kneel in the kitchen, squeezes a dish rag into a glass, and makes me drink it. i get a rush of sub attitude immediately, and start cleaning the kitchen and serve Madame hand and foot the whole day. She orders me to fix the lawnmower, mow the lawn, finish making firewood of an old pile of branches, do lunch, make Her tea, make dinner, pay the bills. No sexual release this week. my orgasm has kept my urges down. i shouldn't be allowed to cum.

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