Monday, 19 March 2012

Work - and reward

On Sunday i have to go to work. Before i go, i make breakfast so that it is ready for the family as T/they wake up. After i come back, i will have to toll away, washing windows and making dinner.

Next Friday Mistress's holidays have started and She goes with Lina and Mats to Her mother's for a day. She has left me with a 10-point list of work to complete. The list states that everything must be done before T/they return. There are things like painting a door, with clear instructions how - She has bought the paint and paintbrush beforehand. Everything's written down, even feeding the hamster. i have to plant a tree, move a big perennial, move a big pile of gravel, and do various other jobs decided by Her. i complete everything, but have time to go through the web in the evening.

As T/they return, and appreciate that i have not left a single task undone, Mistress rewards me with a 30 second masturbation allowance in the wc. i speed up and get on the edge in 25 seconds, and continue... And let go only as i'm clearly over the edge. my penis twitches in the air and shoots my load in 5-6 spurts. i fear immediately that i got too far, as i cannot make myself lick my cum from the various spots on the bathroom floor where it landed. I have noticed that it is a sign of a well ruined orgasm that licking cum is no obstacle afterwards. i start doing it but there is so much cum... Later it turns out my body counted that as an orgasm and i loose sexual urges for nearly two weeks. i have to be more careful in the future, and let go of my penis whenever i reach the edge and not a second later.

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