Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mistress breaking into my cb

At home i had to first go to the corner shop to get some ice cream. Mats had been at home with his friend, and they had not eaten the strawberries i had picked before the trip so W/we “had to” eat them now with cream and ice cream. In the evening She finally ordered me to get the power pliers from the shed and get undressed. i already fantisized about Her forcing my cb open and then taking me but She said that was not going to be the case - She had Her period. She said the pliers needed to be against a steady surface. So She ordered me to sit down on the floor and press my cb to the floor. Then She proceeded to push the lock between the jaws of the pliers, and eventually succeeded in cutting the lock in two, and help me out. The lock was replaced with a small brass lock.

On Sunday Mistress sent me picking blueberries in a nearby forest. She said i must have half a litre of berries when i come back, but i got going and picked at least one litre with my picking device. i had fantasized about being sent to pick berries for a pie while Mistress would be making love with Her boyfriend and being made to bake a pie for Them. This time it was Mistress who baked a pie after calling to my mobile and ordering me home.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A summer trip with Mistress and Lina

On Tuesday Mistress ordered me to pack for a 1,5 days trip, but didn't say where W/we were heading. i would need one set of clothes for hiking and one smart casual set. She had planned the trip with Lina and told also her not to tell me the details. Probably the reason She gave her was "i like surprises". Next morning W/we started driving, She gave me only instructions where to turn. It turned out W/we were driving to an amusement park that had been Lina's top wish for the summer. i was to accompany Lina everywhere.

Soon it turned out that i had done preparations badly. i had forgotten my purse, so Mistress gave me 200 kronor (around 20 euros) pocket money. i also hadn't packed any nightwear and not another shirt for myself.

In the park there were also pools and water slides, so i needed to be able to take my cb off for putting on swimming trunks. i put the key in my specs box, and took off the cb in the dressing cubicle and put the reassembled cb in my clothes bag. i agreed to all Lina's wishes, and went with her through all the slides even though the weather was quite cold. W/we had a great time together, i like Lina so much.

After visiting also a manor with a great garden W/we arrived in O/our accommodation - a cabin at a farmhouse with cows in the backyard. There i could not find the key to the cb in the box. i had forgotten it, and had not been careful each time when i took my sunglasses out of the box. i was so angry with myself, and thought that now we must saw the locking pin. Mistress was wiser and said we can cut the black lock of cb with our power pliers.

The atmosphere was however ruined, and W/we went sleeping early, and slept a lot.

The next day Mistress had a lot of surprises in store for me. First W/we had the most wonderful breakfast at the farm, then hiked to a small mountain nearby, drove to the next village where i and Lina got ice creams, and W/we went through second-hand shops. Next Mistress had planned a visit to an art exhibition, and still another visit to a garden and design center. Then we just ate and returned home, all according to Mistress's schedule.

Monday, 16 April 2012

a slave can 'carpe diem'

To me the biggest turn-on is the real losing of power and your own will in D/s. For instance each day during O/our holiday is quite different. Today W/we went shopping, Mistress bought to me new clothing that She likes. i got to choose only shoes. Then i had to empty the compost and later go to the gym. But in the morning i didn't know i would be doing any of these today. Even thinking of this makes me wet. That means slaves can 'carpe diem', live in the moment. They don't need to plan ahead and take responsibility, they don't have past and future, just present.

i also enjoy very much behavior modification. Today for instance Mistress not only renewed my wardrobe, She also taught me new principles what kind of clothes to wear and when. She has changed the way i do many – most - things.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

She let me hump Her legs

The holidays continue. The next day She told me to wear a warm pullover She found in the wardrobe inventory and put on nice shoes. We were going somewhere, and i was soon to find out. After sending me to fetch water bottles, W/we went cycling.

At home She wanted two biscuits on a plate, which i got Her. Then She pointed at the floor, and i knelt there by Her. Then She didn't do anything, just ate at Her biscuits. Lina and her friend were playing in a nearby room. "It's nice to have a supervised break, isn't it", She said. My penis sprang to attention in my cb causing major pain. A break kneeling by Her! This day was second in a row when p.o.i. constantly dag into my flesh, and in the evening it had small cuts and was sore.

She informed She wanted to finish the clothes inventory by going through all the rest of the clothes i had left, and still chose one sack full of clothes to be taken to charity. Again i had to model for Her and try on everything and without arguing do what She said with each piece of clothing.

i was the whole day at Her beck and call, waiting standing at attention by Her if i wasn't fulfilling orders. She seemed to be happy with my performance, and my pants were again soaking. She used me as Her assistant, bringing Her stuff, and made me do easy chores under Her supervision. Each time She gave me a direct order i thanked Her and each time i gave Her something i curtseyed. That's an easy way to be sissyish without maid costume in a household with children.

In the garden i had to level some ground as per Her instructions, and then cut some hay with scissors and collect part of it for Lina's hamster. It didn't matter that it started raining - i had to continue in rain.

i made of course three meals including breakfast and cleared and washed dishes and emptied dishwasher. As i tried on the clothes She noted my belly had grown. Now i think She will put me on a diet. She was eating sweets Herself, and didn't offer me. Then She gestured She wants to kiss me and pushed one already chewn candy from Her mouth in my mouth as a treat for me.

Later She made me warm up the sauna and mentioned i may have my weekly can of beer (33cl) now. Once in the sauna She ordered me to sit at a lower bench than Her. W/we talked about D/s. i provocatively suggested She would have more choice if i made a long wish list to choose treats or gifts from. She said it is enough i can express a wish every now and then, fulfilling them is another question. She will concentrate on punishments now.

i had a large erection all the time in sauna. i had been a long time in the cb, during which the kneeling and standing in attention by Her had been a big turn-on every time - there was built-up sexual energy which took its chances as cb was removed for sauna. i offered to massage Her back but She refused. Instead She moved to bathroom (we were alone), sat on a bench, pointed at the floor (Her sign for me to kneel there) and as i had knelt, ordered me to move closer to Her so that my penis entered between Her knees. Then She said i can move myself,meaning i may hump Her legs as a reward! This was the first time She let me hump Her legs, and i started eagerly. My knee slipped once on the wet tile, but otherwise it went fine and was wonderful, until She said "enough of that". Then i offered to wash Her legs, as i got Her slimy, but She said She's going to shower.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Getting rid of much of my clothes

This incident didn't take my urge away either. We returned from a rock concert on Saturday and Mistress bossed me around that day so that i got soaking wet in my pants and got more painful erections in my cb than ever during porn surfing.

i unpacked with Mistress, and prepared lunch. i asked Mistress for confirmation about what to prepare for Her and others. Whenever something must be decided, i ask Mistress. i must do actively everything which doesn't involve decision making, like clearing the table after the meal, washing dishes when the dishwasher is full etc. This time the decision was enchilados, but eventually i let others eat their favourite enchilados, and ate old mushroom sauce. Proactively i asked if Mistress wanted tea, and prepared it. After that Mistress said She liked our bookshelf cleaning operation so much She is going to go through our wardrobes in the same manner.

In the first place i thought She would classify again what clothes of mine could be used when i go out to town, and which only in the garden. It turned out that She would discard a big part of my clothes. First i had to put on me each shirt i had, and present myself to Her in the bedroom. There She gave Her sentence, and i put the garment in the right pile. Then i had to bring all the trousers and shorts and try them on for Her. Again She discarded some of my favourite clothes. It took a long time, and gradually i came to accept the fact that i really had no say about the clothes i wear.

During the process She did what She's used to - sent me to bring a rug to wash the cloth shelves with. Always as She needs something, She sends me to get it, and i thank Her and get it for Her. i never argue. Today i brought Her a 20 litre gas tank from the beach hut (She needed gas to remove a stain), took the tank to our shed, brought garbage bags for my clothes, brought Her tea, scissors, took my clothes in garbage bags to car, fetched Her weaving and many more.

She also found O/our old constitution, just a few lines saying i obey Her every command, i look happy all times and don't show pain if cb or something else bothers me. i should be proactive and offer foot baths etc. to Her. She noted that i have not offered foot baths. It also said, i may once a week wish for a treat if i have been a good slaveboy. She ordered me to change the last so that if i have been a good slave, i may wish for a punishment once a week. She had me kneel and write down another wish in my wish list. Earlier ones were being tied on my shoulders, ass up and teased, being teaser with a vibrator etc. Now i added the piercing on my penis on the upper side for locking the cb through a captice bead ring in my foreskin. Another choice could have been ball weights.

She decided i have earned a punishment as i had answered Her angrily, to Her judgment, to Her question after lunch: What have you planned to be doing today? i answered that i have no plans, because She tells me what to do. The right answer would have been: to obey all Your orders.

i had to place two rather large clamps, pervertibles W/we bought a month ago, to my balls for 10 minutes and pull up my briefs and trousers and continue the chores (i had been wearing cb for two straight days, as forgot the key as we went to the concert and overnighted at mother-in-law's. i had had to pull out for the night). i had to drag down bags full of my clothes with the clamps. As 10 minutes was over, it hurt like hell to take them away.

As i was trying on a white shirt, Mistress said She would like me to some day serve in a white shirt and black trousers. And maybe a bowtie, i added. Yes, and without a shirt, only a bowtie, She concluded.

After Mistress had selected two full garbage bags of my clothes for charity and one two garbage, She ordered me to make dinner.

She approved my proposals on the menu and ordered me to scurry upstairs and ask Mats's mate if he is going to eat with us. Then i asked Mistress whether i make also green salad to go with the fries and meatballs, and She ordered me to make salad ingredients available in separate bowls.