Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mistress breaking into my cb

At home i had to first go to the corner shop to get some ice cream. Mats had been at home with his friend, and they had not eaten the strawberries i had picked before the trip so W/we “had to” eat them now with cream and ice cream. In the evening She finally ordered me to get the power pliers from the shed and get undressed. i already fantisized about Her forcing my cb open and then taking me but She said that was not going to be the case - She had Her period. She said the pliers needed to be against a steady surface. So She ordered me to sit down on the floor and press my cb to the floor. Then She proceeded to push the lock between the jaws of the pliers, and eventually succeeded in cutting the lock in two, and help me out. The lock was replaced with a small brass lock.

On Sunday Mistress sent me picking blueberries in a nearby forest. She said i must have half a litre of berries when i come back, but i got going and picked at least one litre with my picking device. i had fantasized about being sent to pick berries for a pie while Mistress would be making love with Her boyfriend and being made to bake a pie for Them. This time it was Mistress who baked a pie after calling to my mobile and ordering me home.

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