Saturday, 14 April 2012

She let me hump Her legs

The holidays continue. The next day She told me to wear a warm pullover She found in the wardrobe inventory and put on nice shoes. We were going somewhere, and i was soon to find out. After sending me to fetch water bottles, W/we went cycling.

At home She wanted two biscuits on a plate, which i got Her. Then She pointed at the floor, and i knelt there by Her. Then She didn't do anything, just ate at Her biscuits. Lina and her friend were playing in a nearby room. "It's nice to have a supervised break, isn't it", She said. My penis sprang to attention in my cb causing major pain. A break kneeling by Her! This day was second in a row when p.o.i. constantly dag into my flesh, and in the evening it had small cuts and was sore.

She informed She wanted to finish the clothes inventory by going through all the rest of the clothes i had left, and still chose one sack full of clothes to be taken to charity. Again i had to model for Her and try on everything and without arguing do what She said with each piece of clothing.

i was the whole day at Her beck and call, waiting standing at attention by Her if i wasn't fulfilling orders. She seemed to be happy with my performance, and my pants were again soaking. She used me as Her assistant, bringing Her stuff, and made me do easy chores under Her supervision. Each time She gave me a direct order i thanked Her and each time i gave Her something i curtseyed. That's an easy way to be sissyish without maid costume in a household with children.

In the garden i had to level some ground as per Her instructions, and then cut some hay with scissors and collect part of it for Lina's hamster. It didn't matter that it started raining - i had to continue in rain.

i made of course three meals including breakfast and cleared and washed dishes and emptied dishwasher. As i tried on the clothes She noted my belly had grown. Now i think She will put me on a diet. She was eating sweets Herself, and didn't offer me. Then She gestured She wants to kiss me and pushed one already chewn candy from Her mouth in my mouth as a treat for me.

Later She made me warm up the sauna and mentioned i may have my weekly can of beer (33cl) now. Once in the sauna She ordered me to sit at a lower bench than Her. W/we talked about D/s. i provocatively suggested She would have more choice if i made a long wish list to choose treats or gifts from. She said it is enough i can express a wish every now and then, fulfilling them is another question. She will concentrate on punishments now.

i had a large erection all the time in sauna. i had been a long time in the cb, during which the kneeling and standing in attention by Her had been a big turn-on every time - there was built-up sexual energy which took its chances as cb was removed for sauna. i offered to massage Her back but She refused. Instead She moved to bathroom (we were alone), sat on a bench, pointed at the floor (Her sign for me to kneel there) and as i had knelt, ordered me to move closer to Her so that my penis entered between Her knees. Then She said i can move myself,meaning i may hump Her legs as a reward! This was the first time She let me hump Her legs, and i started eagerly. My knee slipped once on the wet tile, but otherwise it went fine and was wonderful, until She said "enough of that". Then i offered to wash Her legs, as i got Her slimy, but She said She's going to shower.

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