Monday, 16 April 2012

a slave can 'carpe diem'

To me the biggest turn-on is the real losing of power and your own will in D/s. For instance each day during O/our holiday is quite different. Today W/we went shopping, Mistress bought to me new clothing that She likes. i got to choose only shoes. Then i had to empty the compost and later go to the gym. But in the morning i didn't know i would be doing any of these today. Even thinking of this makes me wet. That means slaves can 'carpe diem', live in the moment. They don't need to plan ahead and take responsibility, they don't have past and future, just present.

i also enjoy very much behavior modification. Today for instance Mistress not only renewed my wardrobe, She also taught me new principles what kind of clothes to wear and when. She has changed the way i do many – most - things.

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