Saturday, 21 April 2012

A summer trip with Mistress and Lina

On Tuesday Mistress ordered me to pack for a 1,5 days trip, but didn't say where W/we were heading. i would need one set of clothes for hiking and one smart casual set. She had planned the trip with Lina and told also her not to tell me the details. Probably the reason She gave her was "i like surprises". Next morning W/we started driving, She gave me only instructions where to turn. It turned out W/we were driving to an amusement park that had been Lina's top wish for the summer. i was to accompany Lina everywhere.

Soon it turned out that i had done preparations badly. i had forgotten my purse, so Mistress gave me 200 kronor (around 20 euros) pocket money. i also hadn't packed any nightwear and not another shirt for myself.

In the park there were also pools and water slides, so i needed to be able to take my cb off for putting on swimming trunks. i put the key in my specs box, and took off the cb in the dressing cubicle and put the reassembled cb in my clothes bag. i agreed to all Lina's wishes, and went with her through all the slides even though the weather was quite cold. W/we had a great time together, i like Lina so much.

After visiting also a manor with a great garden W/we arrived in O/our accommodation - a cabin at a farmhouse with cows in the backyard. There i could not find the key to the cb in the box. i had forgotten it, and had not been careful each time when i took my sunglasses out of the box. i was so angry with myself, and thought that now we must saw the locking pin. Mistress was wiser and said we can cut the black lock of cb with our power pliers.

The atmosphere was however ruined, and W/we went sleeping early, and slept a lot.

The next day Mistress had a lot of surprises in store for me. First W/we had the most wonderful breakfast at the farm, then hiked to a small mountain nearby, drove to the next village where i and Lina got ice creams, and W/we went through second-hand shops. Next Mistress had planned a visit to an art exhibition, and still another visit to a garden and design center. Then we just ate and returned home, all according to Mistress's schedule.

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