Friday, 4 May 2012

Escorting Her shopping - and some sex

Mistress's hold of me detoriated until we had a small confrontation while She was guiding me to press iron a new blanket. i said something about the ironing room being crowded with stuff, and Mistress took it as criticism, and after a few discussions She took again total control of me. Next morning i had made porridge and while it cooked i wrote down this with my mobile, standing by the stove. i hope you other slaves out there also utilize all your time for useful things. As Mistress woke up and came downstairs, i approached Her for our regular morning hug, but She pointed to the floor, and i knelt there. She told me to take off my shorts and press my forehead to the floor. Then she proceeded to drive a safety pin many times into my buttocks, and as She was satisfied, gave me the pin and told me to put on my shorts again. She told me to attach the pin to my shorts and carry it always with me - change it to the current pair of trousers i wear. i poured Her tea, portioned a porridge dish for Her, run to get Her the newspaper from the mailbox and so on. She ordered me to make menu for the next days, and shopping list. Soon She ordered me to change to street clothes - we dropped Lina off to her friend for a week at their cottage. Then She told me to drive towards motorway. She didn't say where we were going, just direction at each turn. Finally we ended up at a furniture store near Oslo. It was raining and i escorted Her holding an umbrella on Her and getting wet myself. i followed Mistress around. She went to see lamps and then to cafe. She took a bun for me as well and i was very happy, it was delicious. As W/we had finished shopping Mistress got a long call from Her sister. She got going, i knew that She wanted to a nearby fabric store next, and drove there. When there, i stepped out with an umbrella, and went to Her door to wait for Her to step out. But She just continued talking, and kept me waiting. Fortunately it was very empty parking lot, only 2-3 groups walked by as i stood there just staring in front of me in pouring rain that made my legs wet little by little. i assume She didn't want me to listen. After maybe 15-20 minutes She opened the door, still talking. i escorted Her just to the front door, where She stayed standing and talking, safe from the rain. After She finally managed to hang off, She took Her time browsing through the vast fabric store. When She had decided on a furniture fabric for relining some easy chairs of O/ours, She just made me wait for a turn with the sales assistant to cut the piece of fabric She wants. Meanwhile She browsed more fabrics. As i finally had the right length of fabric with me, i traced Her up again. i noticed there was a corner for other husbands and boyfriends where they could read car magazines. Not me, i was actively helping. Finally She sent me to pay and get the car in front of the main door for Her. Once in the car She said She wants to Ikea next. i drove Her to Ikea main door and went to park the car. She ordered me to meet Her at the lighting department. In the store before i found Mistress i ran into some friends of O/ours and mentioned i had been parking the car while She was already shopping. She also made some purchases at Ikea, discussing some with me but deciding everything by Herself. Still we had to go shop groceries. Mats called. He asked if he can go to a water amusement park with his friend and friend's grandparents. Mistress agreed - She makes all decisions like this. Then i shopped for some more groceries as Mistress went to buy some technical stuff - i don't know exactly what. So when W/we returned home W/we were alone. After making a late lunch for U/us, Mistress ordered me with him to O/our beach, and had me go swim twice and warm up in the sauna in between. i am very sensitive to cold, so i cannot jump into water, i try to accustom to it gradually. Mistress made fun of that by walking me hand-in-hand to the water without allowing me my normal slowness. While in the sauna She made me lower me pants and put my hips on the handrail so that She could again stick a pin into my buttocks. Then W/we read books at the beach, She had decided on my book as well. She interrupted me to make me run up to the house to get Her ice tea. As She had got enough of recreation She started a new garden project, and made me remove some lawn and move it to another place to make way for a new path. i had to work until i was exhausted and then She ordered me in, and upstairs, and gave me a condom to put on, and put on a black waist corset and stockings Herself. It was only 7pm but both our kids were still away. She let me make heavenly love to Her, first on my knees and then from behind. i had my penis head enclosed inside my foreskin under the condom and as i understood from Her moans that Mistress was close to cumming, i could speed up and arrange a full orgasm for Her without experiencing any orgasm myself. Afterwards Mistress ordered me to kneel and edge myself still wearing the same condom (only washed, as there were still traces of blood on it after the lovemaking due to Her period). i was worried i would go too far, so i let go of my penis a bit too early and basicly got no ejaculation at all let alone orgasm. Later She ordered me to warm up the sauna again. Warming up the sauna means i will have to take care there are clean towels as well, and the floor must we wiped clean. After sauna i read aloud a book about old tombstones which Mistress had chosen, sitting on a bench in the garden with Her and then i had to make supper.


  1. I miss your interesting entries. I hope you are OK.

  2. Thanks for your concern appy, W/we are OK. Just been busy, and posting a little less frequently.