Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wonderful Summer Holidays with Her

The next day the strict control continued. i had standing orders to make porridge every other day, but i forgot and made it also on Tuesday. Luckily She didn't punish me. i asked Her permission to get the morning paper. In the morning my program was to pick strawberries and destroy ant nests from the strawberry yard. It took the whole morning, and next i had to make lunch, which was to be oven baked salmon. W/we ate it in the garden as the weather was turning great. After lunch i had to work in the garden, removing part of trees in a little park-like forest W/we have. Then She again surprised me. As per Her orders W/we took bikes, and cycled to town. In a park W/we had juice and She ate a pastry and i ate a bun which W/we bought at a store as cafes were already closed. Then W/we went to library. She was looking for something, and left me to read magazines. In the evening i made dinner and then i again read a lot to Her in the garden.

Wednesday i remembered not to make porridge. It was time to finish the project of removing the lawn from the place of a new path, and i worked the whole morning there. Then i made a superb chicken soup for lunch. i also made a little green salad. After lunch She made me do a big pot of ice mint tea, and i had to collect the mint for it from our garden. She ordered me to the beach with Her, W/we read our books again and went swimming when She said so. i had trouble getting into the water that was still cold from the winter. She threatened me by swimming towards me when i was trying to get into water, and made me fear Her splashing water on me. i felt so sissy. In the evening i had to once again read aloud to Her in the garden.

Mistress was noticing me more. Kisses on the mouth bending me below Her. Attacks on my ears with Her tongue. Especially my right ear is very sensitive, and She gave it massive tongue baths, and penetrating and fucking my ears also with Her fingers. Every two months She plucks all hair from my both ears, also inside the ears. She makes me eat Her scraps. On rare occations She lets me suck Her toes and lick Her soles. As a punishment She made me eat a vermin insect She had just squashed. i don't need to carry that safety pin any more. But She was sticking pins into Her dolls as a child so maybe She will some day get into needle play.

Lina is showing a very domineering nature. She was once leading Her mates like an army sergeant, only a whistle was missing. They were on a sleepover at O/our place, and Lina marched them for breakfast in a strict order. She also teaches tricks to our cat. You know how stubborn cats are, but she shows success. She tries to dominate U/us also, using also clever tricks, like asking me for permissions, as i am more likely to approve. i now ask Her to always ask Mistress's permission, not mine.

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