Monday, 11 June 2012

Holidays slaving away

The next day W/we travelled alone to mother-in-law's. Exceptionally i was used to make suggestions of places to visit on the way. She approved them and W/we visited two medieval churches, Mistress's old hobby. W/we visited Mistress's aunt and uncle as well, even though i knew very little of those arrangements beforehand.

The day after W/we came back was very laboursome for me. Mistress ordered me to get up early, eat breakfast, rent a utility trailer, retrieve a load of sand, unload it, retrieve two loads of bricks for paths and still one load of sand. It started to rain during loading the bricks (by hand to the trailer), and i became soaking wet. During a much needed break between the brickloads i had to make lunch. Afterwardsi was made to assist Mistress who laid out the bricks, by moving bricks where She needed them. And besides i had to warm up the sauna. In the evening Mistress pinned me down to the bed, pinned my arms down, and tongue bathed my sensitive ears, bit them too. i acted like She had taken me.

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