Sunday, 24 June 2012

Licking up cum from a condom

The next day She ordered me to come to the beach with Her, and it turned out She wants me to row Her to a few small islands nearby. Next i had to take Lina shopping with her friend and do groceries shopping myself. After i had made a fish soup for lunch i had to make notes, as She gave me orders for afternoon. i was not to disturb Her, She would be working in Her study. i was first allowed to read the paper for 10 minutes (i always fetch it, and give it to Her, and She reads it in the morning. i normally have time to read part of the paper during morning coffee after She has read it) while i was drinking coffee, then i needed to clean up the kitchen thoroughly after my cooking, help Mats for writing to a web store about his order Then i had to vacuum 2. floor, and finally get tools for cutting tiles. She was still working as i had completed the list so She gave me instructions how to cut the tiles, and it went well.

Later in the day i ran errands, cut down Her nettles, prepared an omelett with cold-smoked salmon (Not so good, said Mistress), warmed up the sauna and mowed the lawn. After sauna i asked if i can stay up and watch the Rome series. She said She would then be masturbating, so i said in that case i don't want to be watching it. After brushing our teeth i got to the bedroom, and knelt by Her. She ordered me to undress, and changed to a corset. She couldn't find black stay up's so She asked me to open up the toy chest and look for some. i finally found fishnet stockings for Her. She put them on and i resumed kneeling by Her. She stood up and let me kiss Her wonderful, soft bottom all over. She climbed on the bed on all fours and ordered me to lick Her from behind. This time it turned out all too ticklish and She sat down and pointed down, making me kneel on the floor to suck Her nipples and then start eating Her in earnest. She ordered me to get a condom and put it on, foreskin drawn back. i was then allowed to penetrate Her kneeling, which i did carefully. She had earlier talked about my testosterone levels being high and the possibility She could be the yielding partner this time, so i grabbed Her wrists and She raised Her feet on my shoulders and really laid on. She later said She didn't even notice my try to be aggressive. With penis head bare under the condom it started to be too sensitive for me, and Mistress allowed me to draw the foreskin back on the penis head, which i did without having to take the condom off. She turned and got on all fours again, and watched Herself from a mirror, which She doesn't normally do. She looked so cool with fishnets and corset. The fucking that followed was long, partly on O/our sides, partly doggy style. Even though my penis head was now covered, i couldn’t handle it, and burst in an orgasm again, second time in a row. Maybe my body has got somehow accustomed to cumming again. i even went down to watch Rome after the lovemaking. During that i slowly rolled up the used condom, and thrust my tongue in it to dip it in the cum. Eventually i had licked up the whole contents of the condom!

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