Friday, 1 June 2012

Mistress enjoys some puppy fetching play

Mistress ordered me to clean up the roof. 1,5 hours in the hot morning. Then a round in shops with Mistress, lunch and another 2 hours on the roof. Then enchillados for dinner. "Fetch", W/we heard our neighbour shout to her dog as W/we were eating enchillados on our balcony. Mistress mentioned that could by a funny sport. Mats was going to see the long Harry Potter and the half-blooded prince with his friend and we were going to be alone whole that time.

After Mats had gone and i had cleaned up in kitchen Mistress dictated the toys i would need to gather in a bag: ankle and wrist restraints, two straps, stockings, a corset, a condom, a riding crop, clover clamps connected with chain, key to my cb and a "bone-like" thing for playing fetch... i asked permission to write these down as i couldn't remember all correctly, and then scurried to empty my sports bag and put everything in the bag. My penis was trying to get hard when She read the list to me, but i managed to get it semihard, and keep it like that surprisingly long.

She said She was not using all the stuff, so i cannot predict what She will do. She marched to our beach hut, took Her skirt and knickers away and washed Her crotch in the sea. Then She ordered me to undress and lock the restraints in my ankles and wrists. She was locking the doors and made me light a candle chandelier. Next i had to kneel and She locked my ankles together, and fixed the clover clamps to my nipples which hurt a lot, especially the right one right after She applied it.

i had chosen an old dish brush as my "bone" and She took it out of the bag and said She has cleaned some toilets with that. i believed Her. Then, while i was still wearing the cb-2000 with points of intrigue, biting worse and worse, She threw the brush and said "Fetch!". i scurried on my hands and feet, taking small steps with the ankle hobble, that was the only way to move quickly doggy style. The hut has a quite large main room, so She threw the bone maybe 3-4 metres away. It was a bit difficult to pick the brush up with only my mouth but i succeeded. i offered it to Her facing Her, hands at my chest like paws, but She corrected me. i must be on Her left side, facing where She's facing and not hold up my paws. Then She threw it again, in another direction and partially under a cupboard so that i must first drag the bone away from the cupboard with my mouth and then i could grab the middle of the bone with my mouth. To get my penis from getting hard i kept thinking the man from next door can enter and this is going to be screwed up. i returned it still not facing the right direction. She took the bone, ordered me to turn, and gave one strong lash with the riding crop against my ass. After that i learned to fetch in the correct way. Mistress criticised that the bone became wetter and wetter and She had to hold it from the end. i was surprised that i could continue the play without problem with the dreaded clover clamps and cb. i barely noticed the clamps. Points of intrigue were causing more trouble. After a few more throws She ordered me to open and remove my cb, and then go UNNOTICED to the beach and wash my penis in the water. And i would need to do it before She has put the stockings and corset on.

i was happy i could eventually remove the cb, and even though my erection grew before i got it off, it was still so soft i could get even the a-ring off without difficulty. The next part turned out much more difficult. First, how to disguise my ankle and wrist restraints and a chain connecting my nipple clamps. Finally i was holding one towel with my elbows on my back from the waist down to ground and another on my front with my chin, keeping my wrists between the towel and my chest. But i couldn't just walk out the stairs with my ankle hobble still on. First i had to sit down on the upper stair and put my feet on the bottom stair. Then i minced with small steps to the waterline where we have another set of chairs going to the water, and i had to repeat the same there. i was so lucky no-one was there. Our other neighbour was away for holiday, and no boats were going by. As i was squatting in the water my front towel came in contact with the sea and became wet. i washed my willy squatting and just then i heard a boat approaching. i panicked, lost contact with my other elbow to the back towel which dropped off showing my ass completely, and ankle restraints. i shuffled back to the top stair and just scurried back to the hut recklessly, without trying to cover my ass. i think i made it without them noticing. Anyway, very exciting and difficult trip, after which my ankle restraints were wet.

As i returned, Mistress informed i was too slow, and ordered me to kneel, and abruptly removed the clover clamps,aiming at extra pain. Then She pressed my head down with Her foot, forcing it to the floor, and gave me some 8-10 blows with the riding crop on my ass, and a lot of small taps on my balls and penis after ordering me to kneel up again. She ordered me toput on the condom.

She sat down on a wooden chair and asked me to come near on my knees. She pointed to Her bush, so i shoved my head immediatley to Her crotch and started licking. She liked horizontal licks, and doing figure 8 with the tip of my tongue around clitoris. She moved to a sofa on all fours and had me lick Her from behind. i licked the clit first, then started to dart my tongue in Her pussy, my nose resting in Her crack. i was rock hard now like i had been since the licking started.

She got back sitting on the chair, and i was ordered to get back on my knees in front of Her and She offered Her breasts for sucking now. A little sucking on each nipple and then the order to start fucking Her. Rocking back and forth with knees on the coarse wooden floor was heaven and hell in one, how clever of Her. She had arranged a set of cushions on the floor and pointed there. i got to lie on my back, and fuck Her from below. She liked my efforts a lot, but in this position my penis may hurt Her, and that's what happened now. She raised Herself on all fours on the cushions: it was time for the main coarse, fucking from behind. Oh, how i like this position, as i can nearly always cause Her orgasm in this position. i placed my elbows before Her hip bones to keep Her hips in place. Then i started slowly, Mistress thought i was near the edge, but no problem with that. i added speed and my hairless crotch was soon banging against Her buttocks in a wonderful way. It didn't take that long for Her to achieve the point, but Her orgasm lasted long, and as i started to withdraw because i was on the edge myself She mumbled "go on, go on" like She did those earlier days, when i almost always got orgasm right after Her. Maybe it were those words that again triggered my orgasm. i came inside Her, but i had to control myself and diminish the "day after orgasm -effect", so i stopped moving for the moments of my orgasm, which actually made my orgasm more intense feeling, making me feel the ejaculation like my penis had burst. And there was much of it in the condom, you bet.

She ordered me to strip everything and collect the stuff in the bag, then go to sauna. She had warmed up the sauna. In the evenings i usually have free time, but today i was still used for watering garden in the evening.

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