Monday, 18 June 2012

Those lazy summer days

She decided W/we would spend the next day in Oslo, shopping downtown (all summer sales were on). i needed Her explicit permission to buy a shirt, and i wasn't even allowed to ask for something like an enema plug. W/we went to see Ice age with kids and then home, emptying bags and making supper. i am again horny, i got no downtime although i got an orgasm.

On Wednesday morning i got my chance to tell Her my new punishment idea. i told Her that a ginger plug in the ass would prevent me from clenching my ass during a paddling. She ordered me to write it down later into a booklet of punishing ideas. She kept me kneeling by Her while She read the morning paper, and made me refill Her teacup, like i normally do. She decided W/we go jogging with Mats. She was in a better shape than us, W/we ran 6 km, She 7 km, and was quicker. In the evening W/we watched a TV movie together and had even purchased some candy for the occasion.

The following day She thought of going to the gym, but i was still so spent up from the jogging yesterday that She decided i would be picking Her more blueberries, and She accompanied me. Because of me affecting Her plans i got a penalty of having to also clean all the blueberries.  

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