Thursday, 26 July 2012

Supervised masturbation in an awkward position

Next day She SMS'd me, wanting Her slave to come home early. After all, W/we were alone, kids away. 

i found Her on the beach, She made me swim and get Her things from the attic. Then She ordered me to the house in only trousers, made me take them off as W/we got in, and asked me about my slave costume preferences. i mentioned corsets, dresses and leather harnesses, but regardless of what i said, She ordered me to put on a long apron, which was basicly a blue dress with wide fluffed shoulder straps and an opening at the back up till waist. my cb stayed on and miraculously i could handle it with middle PoI's. and draw up a plan for a 3-coarse meal i could prepare without going to grocery store. She made drastic changes to the plan and decided to leave me with no dessert. She ordered me to lay the table nicely on the secluded patio, and it was there that i served Her the meal after cleaning the table. Then i needed to clear the table, after which She ordered me to take a bucket and water a climbing rose. She knew O/our neighbors on that side were away, but another neighbor could have seen me had he been near O/our fence. i was all the time dressed in the mere pinafore.

Later She ordered me to give Her a footbath and collect herbs from O/our garden for that. i was ordered to put my clothes over the apron for that, like earlier when i needed to get some greens for the salad from the kitchen garden. The foot bath needed to be thorough, and was followed by filing and greasing of the hardened parts of Her feet. Thereafter i was sent to get Her socks from upstairs and put them on. As i move in the house in my apron there's always a chance that someone sees me from outside.

After the footbath and other small chores - had to fetch Her a lot of things - She asked me to get a "bone" light enough for inside throwing. My suggestions were not good enough, and She decided it would be an old sock of Hers. She threw it around, and also downstairs, which made me learn descending and climbing stairs on all fours (going down especially difficult). i had to present the "bone" to Her kneeling up. Miraculously i could manage all this in my CB & PoI.

After bone throwing She started going through my wish list and chose the newest one, getting masturbated with one finger as penis points backwards on a stool. She ordered me to go upstairs, remove the cb, and set everything up. i was only too happy to comply and soon i had arranged myself on a stool. She arrived and let me play with my backturned dick. The bruise behind my balls that was caused by the a-ring (the smaller one i had tried to use) was showing, She remarked on that. Somehow i couldn't get off regardless of the erotic context, and my hand tired before i could edge myself. At that point Mistress called it a day.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holidays end

Last thing in the evening She ordered me to pick rasbberries in the morning. i woke up without alarm at 5.40, and did pick them up before updatting the blog and reading FutureDommes, a kind of version of the Hotel. Mistress had decided W/we go to Bergen today. i made and served porridge for breakfast, and brought Her glasses from Her study so She could read the morning paper i brought, but which i didn't read. In Bergen we followed Her wishes all the way through, visited the Art Museum, visited restaurants, cafes and second hand shops of Her liking. Lina used up the time in an amusement park, and kept us waiting for her in the end.

The last days of my holiday were basicly the same. Morning routines, fulfilling Mistress's ideas like going to the gym, or rowing at the sea; or picking raspberries, mowing the lawn, painting parts for the shed, cooking, and we still visited one art exhibition of Her liking. The weather was mostly fine, and we were happy.

The smaller A-ring combined with the extra penis ring was a bad decision. The back of my ball sac got bruised, and it took a week to heal. Now i am using my regular a-ring with no penis ring.

On O/our last holiday W/we went to my mother-in-law's and left O/our kids there for two days. We got home late, but Mistress ordered me to strip and sleep in a dog collar, with my hands tied to it with short strings, in leather underpants, otherwise naked. Next to days W/we would be alone!

Friday, 20 July 2012

More Japanese sissy shemale slave blogs

i have also located a few other blogs that offer masses of pics or videos of shemale slaves that are more or less being dominated.

These are a couple of similarly very goodlooking shemales tormented mainly by Women:

Nice looking sissy slave with pierced boobs: Ona

Not visually so nice, but offers tough Master/sissy spanking videos and pics, and ayaka has good boobs to torture: Ayaka
Shemale bondage only, not one of the best visually: Jideki
Also a few nice pics amongst others:  Zongbo
NEW ADDITION: small pics, shemale dominated by a Master: Rie

Finally a site where you find nice promo stuff of commercial shemale slave SM videos: Opera

And of course don't forget this blog

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A great Japanese blog and evolution of Allen Jones' table

i came across the greatest blog. It's about a Japanese guy who's called Natu. i call him she as she is partly feminized, long hair, body totally hairless, with small tits. She has a nose ring and nipple rings she sometimes uses. The blog concentrates in her humiliation. Most common method is public exposure dressed as a women or naked. In some pics and videos it looks as if she doesn't have male genitals at all but that's because she knows how to tuck his stuff away, and prepare a pussylike appearance from his sissy clit and ball sac. She's really passable as a woman that way.

Other common methods Natu is used to are spanking, giving blowjobs to her Master, walking her in a leash and other dog humiliation, clamps in her tits, humiliating feminine costumes and using anal toys. Then there are some rare specialties like pee drinking, getting fucked by Master, licking stuff in public urinals, wax torture and finally my favourite. They have redone the great artwork from the sixties by Allen Jones:
You can find other depictions of this by googling with "allen jones table".
Their version includes the feminized guy in stockings and long gloves as a table, with vibrating nipple clamps, two egg vibrators stuffed in her ass, one taped to her sissy clit, and finally Master pressing a double-headed Hitachi vibrator against her poor perineum and clit. she has to balance the table, as there are Master's tea mug and ash tray on it. So she cannot move as she fights the orgasm and finally cums (and is finally made to lick her cum from the floor). i would prefer the scene with express order for the slave not to cum: she can only squirm and fight the orgasm, concentrate on not to move, and if she cannot hold back any more she must say the safe word and the Hitachi is taken away.
In the blog there are several pics and three very nice videos of the scene.  In the last one she cums in a way that is close to the very essence of sissiness in my understanding. i reproduce one picture here.
Here's a link to the blog entry in question. table entry
Here's the link to the blog: Natu's blog
You might want to use google translator with the page, it provide an adequate translation.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shed project begins - i am sent to pick blueberries again

In the morning Mistress informed W/we are going to town, me doing groceries and buying Her some stuff for the shed project and Her going to post office and library. i had a lot of things to buy, and had to ran to the library finally to get the lunch cooked in time and be out of O/our house before Mistress's "date" arrives. i ate quickly the oldest scraps, and made a risotto meal for the Others. Then i took coffee to go and left for the woods.

After 4 hours in the forest i got back, as i had about 8 litres of blueberries. Mistress had stated minimum was 5 litres, and my back was hurting like hell. i met Bjorn the Builder right away by the garage, and he made a remark at the blueberries. O/our switched roles show quite a lot, She hires all handimen w/we need, they discuss only with Mistress, not with me. i went in and cleaned up all the berries. i must have looked uncomfortable, as Mistress who came in from the building site, ordered me to bathroom, and washed my head with cold water as a refreshment. Then i still made jelly for the freezer, and made a blueberry pie.

In the evening Mistress surprised me by letting me write a new wish in the wish list. -my wish was to be allowed to sissy masturbate in fronty of Her: wank with one finger crossing penis horizontally, (while penis is bent backwards). She surprised me again, by allowing me to take my thong off and hump the floor for some time, and She took Her belt and beat my ass as i was humping.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Even not 100% fool proof chastity has taken me a long way

i have read some folks writing, that medium PoI or large PoI are something they cannot use more than a few hours at a time. i put cb-2000 on every morning. i have been using medium locking pin, medium A-ring, a spacer and medium PoI. i could pull out when flaccid, but i couldn't do it in practise at home, as i couldn't put it back fast enough, and not well. i have a lot of skin down were - uncut - and pushing it back in past the PoI is impossible to do. i can get the penis back in, but big part of the foreskin gets stuck in the PoI. 

Of course you would have to be flaccid again to put sissy clit back in the cb, so i cannot wank at home. It would take too long to push it back in, if Mistress would check it. So i wank nowadays very little. 

In the morning as i was writing my porn story, i was wearing cb and PoI, but i was hot, and leaking precum, which i then licked from the floor - sweet! 

i like it a lot that using cb-2000 – even with the pull-out possibility, has diminished my wanking to a great deal. i may take it off for sauna (kids), so if i'm left alone there, if others leave before me, i get very soon an urge to masturbate. However i at least mostly masturbate through briefs or flicking just one finger across the frenum, (read: sissy masturbation) which i find much more suited for a slave.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Picking berries while Wife meets Bjorn

Next day, after W/we had had some of my fish soup for lunch in the garden Mistress ordered me to fetch tweezers. She decided it is time to pluck my ear hair. After my ears She also plucked my eyebrows, which hurt even more, and a few beard hairs that my shaver had missed. That’s a good punishment for sloppy shaving: have the remaining hair pulled out with tweeters!

Now i am sitting in a forest on a fallen tree writing with my mobile. Mistress ordered me into the woods to pick berries while Bjorn, the builder works on the shed project with Her. i have been picking blueberries for 2 hours now, my fingers and now also the keyboard are blue. As i start to think about peeing, i get a major need to go. i wouldn't like to pee yet. I'm keen on inventing extra rules to follow, and one is to pee only twice a day. i have peed a few times out in the woods with cb-2k on, it is easy, but i got to do it like girls do - trousers in my knees, squatting - i could do it sitting on this trunk, if i sit with my thighs on the trunk.!

Another rule i invented is based on a true story that hit me in a big way when i was young. Some church youth on a camp were ordered to stand maybe 2 hours in attention on the yard, as where had been some misconduct. They were ordered not to move, even though there were mosquitos biting them. i allowed myself to kill only those mosquitos that were biting my body. Those that would bite on my face i would let suck blood. i would come back boasting with bite marks on my face.

i playfully said My Wife was having a date with the builder. i said that was a "small" fantasy of mine. Mistress said it sure was a "small" fantasy. In the morning i had had time to write my novel more than an hour .

i must confess i tried out sissy masturbation without permission after sauna yesterday evening, kneeling and backing against a low hard bench, and bending my penis backwards and finally on the bench, where it stayed upside down. Then i masturbated - without permission - by moving my forefinger over the upturned frenum, left to right, not along the shaft. i had earlier on tried masturbating with my underpants on, like a girl. If one is horny enough, it is possible to cum this way, and also your penis pointing backwards.