Friday, 6 July 2012

Even not 100% fool proof chastity has taken me a long way

i have read some folks writing, that medium PoI or large PoI are something they cannot use more than a few hours at a time. i put cb-2000 on every morning. i have been using medium locking pin, medium A-ring, a spacer and medium PoI. i could pull out when flaccid, but i couldn't do it in practise at home, as i couldn't put it back fast enough, and not well. i have a lot of skin down were - uncut - and pushing it back in past the PoI is impossible to do. i can get the penis back in, but big part of the foreskin gets stuck in the PoI. 

Of course you would have to be flaccid again to put sissy clit back in the cb, so i cannot wank at home. It would take too long to push it back in, if Mistress would check it. So i wank nowadays very little. 

In the morning as i was writing my porn story, i was wearing cb and PoI, but i was hot, and leaking precum, which i then licked from the floor - sweet! 

i like it a lot that using cb-2000 – even with the pull-out possibility, has diminished my wanking to a great deal. i may take it off for sauna (kids), so if i'm left alone there, if others leave before me, i get very soon an urge to masturbate. However i at least mostly masturbate through briefs or flicking just one finger across the frenum, (read: sissy masturbation) which i find much more suited for a slave.

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