Saturday, 14 July 2012

A great Japanese blog and evolution of Allen Jones' table

i came across the greatest blog. It's about a Japanese guy who's called Natu. i call him she as she is partly feminized, long hair, body totally hairless, with small tits. She has a nose ring and nipple rings she sometimes uses. The blog concentrates in her humiliation. Most common method is public exposure dressed as a women or naked. In some pics and videos it looks as if she doesn't have male genitals at all but that's because she knows how to tuck his stuff away, and prepare a pussylike appearance from his sissy clit and ball sac. She's really passable as a woman that way.

Other common methods Natu is used to are spanking, giving blowjobs to her Master, walking her in a leash and other dog humiliation, clamps in her tits, humiliating feminine costumes and using anal toys. Then there are some rare specialties like pee drinking, getting fucked by Master, licking stuff in public urinals, wax torture and finally my favourite. They have redone the great artwork from the sixties by Allen Jones:
You can find other depictions of this by googling with "allen jones table".
Their version includes the feminized guy in stockings and long gloves as a table, with vibrating nipple clamps, two egg vibrators stuffed in her ass, one taped to her sissy clit, and finally Master pressing a double-headed Hitachi vibrator against her poor perineum and clit. she has to balance the table, as there are Master's tea mug and ash tray on it. So she cannot move as she fights the orgasm and finally cums (and is finally made to lick her cum from the floor). i would prefer the scene with express order for the slave not to cum: she can only squirm and fight the orgasm, concentrate on not to move, and if she cannot hold back any more she must say the safe word and the Hitachi is taken away.
In the blog there are several pics and three very nice videos of the scene.  In the last one she cums in a way that is close to the very essence of sissiness in my understanding. i reproduce one picture here.
Here's a link to the blog entry in question. table entry
Here's the link to the blog: Natu's blog
You might want to use google translator with the page, it provide an adequate translation.

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