Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holidays end

Last thing in the evening She ordered me to pick rasbberries in the morning. i woke up without alarm at 5.40, and did pick them up before updatting the blog and reading FutureDommes, a kind of version of the Hotel. Mistress had decided W/we go to Bergen today. i made and served porridge for breakfast, and brought Her glasses from Her study so She could read the morning paper i brought, but which i didn't read. In Bergen we followed Her wishes all the way through, visited the Art Museum, visited restaurants, cafes and second hand shops of Her liking. Lina used up the time in an amusement park, and kept us waiting for her in the end.

The last days of my holiday were basicly the same. Morning routines, fulfilling Mistress's ideas like going to the gym, or rowing at the sea; or picking raspberries, mowing the lawn, painting parts for the shed, cooking, and we still visited one art exhibition of Her liking. The weather was mostly fine, and we were happy.

The smaller A-ring combined with the extra penis ring was a bad decision. The back of my ball sac got bruised, and it took a week to heal. Now i am using my regular a-ring with no penis ring.

On O/our last holiday W/we went to my mother-in-law's and left O/our kids there for two days. We got home late, but Mistress ordered me to strip and sleep in a dog collar, with my hands tied to it with short strings, in leather underpants, otherwise naked. Next to days W/we would be alone!

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