Monday, 2 July 2012

Picking berries while Wife meets Bjorn

Next day, after W/we had had some of my fish soup for lunch in the garden Mistress ordered me to fetch tweezers. She decided it is time to pluck my ear hair. After my ears She also plucked my eyebrows, which hurt even more, and a few beard hairs that my shaver had missed. That’s a good punishment for sloppy shaving: have the remaining hair pulled out with tweeters!

Now i am sitting in a forest on a fallen tree writing with my mobile. Mistress ordered me into the woods to pick berries while Bjorn, the builder works on the shed project with Her. i have been picking blueberries for 2 hours now, my fingers and now also the keyboard are blue. As i start to think about peeing, i get a major need to go. i wouldn't like to pee yet. I'm keen on inventing extra rules to follow, and one is to pee only twice a day. i have peed a few times out in the woods with cb-2k on, it is easy, but i got to do it like girls do - trousers in my knees, squatting - i could do it sitting on this trunk, if i sit with my thighs on the trunk.!

Another rule i invented is based on a true story that hit me in a big way when i was young. Some church youth on a camp were ordered to stand maybe 2 hours in attention on the yard, as where had been some misconduct. They were ordered not to move, even though there were mosquitos biting them. i allowed myself to kill only those mosquitos that were biting my body. Those that would bite on my face i would let suck blood. i would come back boasting with bite marks on my face.

i playfully said My Wife was having a date with the builder. i said that was a "small" fantasy of mine. Mistress said it sure was a "small" fantasy. In the morning i had had time to write my novel more than an hour .

i must confess i tried out sissy masturbation without permission after sauna yesterday evening, kneeling and backing against a low hard bench, and bending my penis backwards and finally on the bench, where it stayed upside down. Then i masturbated - without permission - by moving my forefinger over the upturned frenum, left to right, not along the shaft. i had earlier on tried masturbating with my underpants on, like a girl. If one is horny enough, it is possible to cum this way, and also your penis pointing backwards.

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