Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shed project begins - i am sent to pick blueberries again

In the morning Mistress informed W/we are going to town, me doing groceries and buying Her some stuff for the shed project and Her going to post office and library. i had a lot of things to buy, and had to ran to the library finally to get the lunch cooked in time and be out of O/our house before Mistress's "date" arrives. i ate quickly the oldest scraps, and made a risotto meal for the Others. Then i took coffee to go and left for the woods.

After 4 hours in the forest i got back, as i had about 8 litres of blueberries. Mistress had stated minimum was 5 litres, and my back was hurting like hell. i met Bjorn the Builder right away by the garage, and he made a remark at the blueberries. O/our switched roles show quite a lot, She hires all handimen w/we need, they discuss only with Mistress, not with me. i went in and cleaned up all the berries. i must have looked uncomfortable, as Mistress who came in from the building site, ordered me to bathroom, and washed my head with cold water as a refreshment. Then i still made jelly for the freezer, and made a blueberry pie.

In the evening Mistress surprised me by letting me write a new wish in the wish list. -my wish was to be allowed to sissy masturbate in fronty of Her: wank with one finger crossing penis horizontally, (while penis is bent backwards). She surprised me again, by allowing me to take my thong off and hump the floor for some time, and She took Her belt and beat my ass as i was humping.

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