Thursday, 26 July 2012

Supervised masturbation in an awkward position

Next day She SMS'd me, wanting Her slave to come home early. After all, W/we were alone, kids away. 

i found Her on the beach, She made me swim and get Her things from the attic. Then She ordered me to the house in only trousers, made me take them off as W/we got in, and asked me about my slave costume preferences. i mentioned corsets, dresses and leather harnesses, but regardless of what i said, She ordered me to put on a long apron, which was basicly a blue dress with wide fluffed shoulder straps and an opening at the back up till waist. my cb stayed on and miraculously i could handle it with middle PoI's. and draw up a plan for a 3-coarse meal i could prepare without going to grocery store. She made drastic changes to the plan and decided to leave me with no dessert. She ordered me to lay the table nicely on the secluded patio, and it was there that i served Her the meal after cleaning the table. Then i needed to clear the table, after which She ordered me to take a bucket and water a climbing rose. She knew O/our neighbors on that side were away, but another neighbor could have seen me had he been near O/our fence. i was all the time dressed in the mere pinafore.

Later She ordered me to give Her a footbath and collect herbs from O/our garden for that. i was ordered to put my clothes over the apron for that, like earlier when i needed to get some greens for the salad from the kitchen garden. The foot bath needed to be thorough, and was followed by filing and greasing of the hardened parts of Her feet. Thereafter i was sent to get Her socks from upstairs and put them on. As i move in the house in my apron there's always a chance that someone sees me from outside.

After the footbath and other small chores - had to fetch Her a lot of things - She asked me to get a "bone" light enough for inside throwing. My suggestions were not good enough, and She decided it would be an old sock of Hers. She threw it around, and also downstairs, which made me learn descending and climbing stairs on all fours (going down especially difficult). i had to present the "bone" to Her kneeling up. Miraculously i could manage all this in my CB & PoI.

After bone throwing She started going through my wish list and chose the newest one, getting masturbated with one finger as penis points backwards on a stool. She ordered me to go upstairs, remove the cb, and set everything up. i was only too happy to comply and soon i had arranged myself on a stool. She arrived and let me play with my backturned dick. The bruise behind my balls that was caused by the a-ring (the smaller one i had tried to use) was showing, She remarked on that. Somehow i couldn't get off regardless of the erotic context, and my hand tired before i could edge myself. At that point Mistress called it a day.

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