Thursday, 30 August 2012

i have published "the novel"

i have mentioned to some that i have been working on a big piece of fiction that i have sometimes referred to as a "novel". The work has been progressing quite slowly last years, as Mistress gives me very limited pc time. So i decided now i will publish the first part already. It is called 'Working at Hotel Garrison".  However in the first part W/we don't yet arrive at the hotel. It's a Femdom relationship evolution story, that will turn into cuckolding, later something more.

But help yourselves, it is found under Stories at the right and here.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Plucking ear hair

On Sunday i was still very attentive to Mistress. W/we visited Her mam. i suggested a slave could be ordered to take a nap after lunch because the efficiency goes down anyway, and the day could be longer from both ends.

During the week i managed to keep the family provided with food and bake a few apple pies. Mistress had to make food a couple of times, since i had a couple of meetings in the evenings, and She wasn't happy about that. Once Mistress ordered me to massage and grease Her feet as She was in bed. Generally She took the authority, and bossed me around. i was required to report after each task and ask for more assignments.

On Saturday i had to be working, but after that She made me chop firewood, shop for groceries (Lina's sleepover birthday party was beginning), make apple pie again.

On Sunday i had finally a 'free' day which i started by making porridge for 7 - U/us and guests. Work with washed clothes, Mistress wakes up, decides i will have a sports and news free day. She only selects 3 articles from the cultural section, which i may read when i have time. First i had to clean up the kitchen and the sink trap which i was growing more and more familiar with.

Mistress used me to proofread some instructions She made at work, and prepare some other paperwork and foreign emails She is not very familiar with. Then it was time for me to start making lunch for U/us, sleepover guests and new guests of Mistress's who were arriving soon. i made a lot of creamy tomato pasta chicken soup which She ordered, and i baked bread as well.

As the guests had arrived, i helped a lot with the serving, preparing and serving tea and coffee, serving them, and then cleaning up. After the guests left She arranged me a supervised aerobics lesson. She really made me put effort into it, it was strenuous and tiring, mostly done with a stick, stretching myself sooo far. After that i had to warm up the sauna. It warms with firewood so i had to go out to the rain and get some. In the evening W/we watched some TV as we often do. Mistress doesn't hesitate to order me around even though kids are present:

- 'Get Me a glass of red wine, get Me more thread (She's weaving), get Me my woolen socks (She's had cold feet lately)'.

Later as W/we went to bed, Mistress ordered me to get tweezers and grease. She sat on the bed and made me put my head in Her lap. Then She proceeded to pluck all my ear hair - the hair inside my ear - off with the tweezers. It was quite painful. When She was ready She greased my ear with Her finger. i have very sensitive ears, and Her finger fucking and lubing my ear feels like a total penetration.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Supervised masturbation and eating cum

It's a typical Saturday morning. i woke up at 5:55, epilated and shaved, peed sitting in the air, seat up, so that if my ass touches the toilet, i will sit on the rim, not dirty the seat. i had now time to update my diary and blog and look up my wish list items in the net. i also look up a picture of Poppet standing on the anal impaler with the tower of power before i had to start making porridge, fetch the paper, empty the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen - including the sink trap, Mistress has been worried of the dirty sink after i have cleaned the kettles and dishes.

Mistress comes down at 8:45. She likes to wake up slowly. i pour Her tea and She eats and reads the paper. i tell Her i have the wish list items now looked up, and after breakfast She looks into them. i also show Her a picture from Poppet's blog, tower of pain and anal impaler. 

She asks me about my favorite, and i say i would like them all. Only the items in Poppet's pic are not so necessary. i say to Her i'm not attracted to Poppet, but i would like to become like him, pubic hair removed and replaced with a tattoo, She makes notes and sends me to take out garbage and then a trip to 3 supermarkets to get a lot of food - and new condoms, only 2 left - and liquid gas and other household items.

After the trip i need to start preparing lunch: zander rolls in the oven, potatoes and gratineed cauliflower, neatly arranged, with the 'flowers' pointing upwards. W/we eat on the balcony and after kids have eaten W/we are left alone. Mistress gets interested in the Poppet blog, and asks if we bloggers change comments etc. i say i have never commented any blog, only asked a few bloggers crosslink. That was the true at the time.

i was kept busy the whole day, picking apples, mowing the lawn, cleaning and warming up the sauna, doing water aerobics... Early to bed. Mistress laid in bed and had me kneel between Her knees and lick Her sex. After getting Her excited She ordered me to get a condom and fuck Her from behind. i was very confident i could fuck Her to orgasm without getting one myself, and so it was. i could even speed the rhythm up as She moaned passionately, and She experienced a perfect orgasm. Then She allowed me to kneel and masturbate to a ruined orgasm. i was still wearing the condom, and in maybe 10 seconds i helped myself to the edge, withdrew my hands and knelt in attention looking straight ahead as my penis spasmed time after another, and spurted into the condom. i didn't look at my penis until Mistress mentioned

-'did you cum all the way, your rubber's full'.

So it was. Many times a full orgasm has provided less cum. i said it was indeed a ruined orgasm, but because of the excitement caused by the fucking it produced that much cum. i tried to show Her that the post-orgasm sensitivity had not begun, by stroking my member even more, but She forbid it and sent me washing up. There i rolled the condom off, and tongued the inside of the condom and finally tipped the condom over and poured the contents into my mouth and swallowed them. Post-orgasm disgust towards semen was absent too.

Later i came to think that maybe the condom, as it was touching penis while cumming, caused the orgasm to be a bit more than regular ruined one.  

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back at Her beck and call

During the week my chores consisted mainly of preparing each evening a meal for the next day and keeping kitchen stocked. my birthday came and went. i received mainly cooking equipment, like a new steak hammer, and candy.W/we had talked about making a wish list where i could suggest some fetish gear to be bought; but it was not realized at that stage.

On Friday as i returned home and started talking to Mistress about my day at work She interrupted me and made me make Her tea. i immediately bobbed a curtsey and stopped talking, cleaning the kitchen while the tea cooked. Next She pointed to the floor and made me kneel by Her as She drank the tea, kissed me and taught me by two examples how impolite it is not to look in the eyes while one is listening to someone. i was kept at Her beck and call, She gave me small projects: wash up the paintbrushes, take the garbage out, put things in place, make weekend menu and shopping list, planting some basilicas in a pot, stocking the house with firewood as She had had fire in the fireplace. W/we went to sleep early. She knew that i was horny, but gave me no release. She asked if i could show Her my wish list items, but i said i didn't have them looked up. i asked to be allowed to try sleeping in the cb, and She granted it. However it became very uncomfortable before i could sleep, and i removed it.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mistress is moody

i made pan-fried salmon using a new recipe and gratineed cauliflower and W/we ate on the balcony. The meal turned out excellent, but i and Mats made my Wife angry by criticizing the new shed building which was Her and Her construction guy's project. She later told me that we never thought up anything by ourselves, but were always ready to criticize Her ideas. This had made Her to start crying when in private after fighting the tears while eating with us. This caused Her to not to talk to anyone. i continued my chores, collecting apples, but sadly. In the evening i asked if She wants me to sleep in the spare bedroom. She didn't want that.

Next morning i continued with making breakfast, and gradually things turned back to normal, as i was allowed to join Her to a museum round in Oslo. At a cafe table W/we talked through the problem She has with our lack of initiative and negativeness. Later at home i was warming up sauna, cooking dinner and helping Her by bringing Her stuff as She prepared the shed floor Herself.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Pulling loads with genitals

On Saturday Mistress mentioned, that She and the kids saw in Ripley's Believe It Or Not Japanese guys who were pulling trucks - i mean vehicles - with their genitals. Of course i got interested right away and found in the net something called the IronCrotch. Men being kicked in the nuts, then hoisting big irons with their genitals, which were hidden under miniskirt-like robes. Finally pulling trucks with their genitals. 

Now i remembered my very first sexual fantasy. i was 11 years old back then. It was pulling things with my balls - or cock and balls. i actually got naked in my room, harnessed my genitals with a rope, tied it to my chair, and pulled the chair with my genitals while on all fours. Now it all came back as a flash. What a kinky little kid i was! And now Japanese guys teaming up to pull a big truck with their nuts.

From the Iron Crotch website i got the impression that they tie a silk ribbon first around the testicles and then a few times around the genitals. i talked to Mistress about trying it out, and training myself to pull bigger and bigger loads with my family jewels. Let's see if She gets into this!

Friday, 17 August 2012

She took charge again - humping the floor

On Friday She took complete control again. She said i was allowed to eat after work, then i had to wash a wc that i had used as i was sick during the week, and after washing also the bathroom floor where our cat had been eating fish, and smearing the floor, Mistress would allow me to hump the floor for two minutes in that bathroom. After cleaning the toilet twice, as i had first forgotten doorknobs, i asked Mistress if She would like to watch me hump. She said She would rather see me lick the slime with my tongue. i replied i would rather drink Her piss - a new idea, which made Her laugh.

i cleaned the floor, took off my cb and pants and lowered myself to the place of the floor . First minute was just getting started, about then the foreskin started rolling well against the floor. i had my usual tight tricot shirt and my trousers around my ankles. During the second minute i kept glancing at the watch which i had placed by my head. The floor was cold, but fucking the smooth, cold floor made me hot. 20 seconds left - i hoped to get a ruined orgasm, i thought i would raise my dick off the floor as i started cumming, by sticking out my butt. Time went off too early, no luck.

i put the smallest a-ring on now, wanted to test if i could pull out and could i fit in it. i fit in surprisingly well, maybe i have been wearing too large a-rings.

During the evening i had to do small favors for Her, bringing Her drinks etc.  

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Erection problems arise & are solved

On Wednesday She had shaved Her pussy lips and made me go down on Her when i got to bed. She was hot, pussy swollen. Again i fingered Her as i licked the clit, and that certainly seems to excite Her more than mere licking.

W/we were interrupted by Mats going past O/our bedroom door, and i became half flaccid as W/we waited for him go get back to his room - the first time since our D/s that i had erection problems.

i started licking Her again and She threw me to bed and crawled on top of me and sat on my face. i became rock hard again, and was made to get a condom and kneel at the edge of the bed and fuck Her. Next i was allowed to make Her orgasm by fucking Her from behind. W/we were naked, my hairless epilated crotch banging against Her buttocks. i managed to continue fucking Her all through Her orgasm without me getting to the edge.

- 'Go wash your dick and come to bed'

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Running into problems

Next weekend W/we had the biggest confrontation of our D/s relationship. It started with me not abiding to the rule of me not being allowed to sit on the sofa and watch TV. Because of that Mistress was tense and irritated all the time, and stopped dominating me and giving me any orders. Then i lost it, didn't shout but smashed a newspaper in the bin and left the house, went walking and thought this is the end, should i move out etc. 

Maybe one reason to my outburst was hormonal changes caused by finasteride that i was taking at that time. Later i changed it to dutasteride and it is working better for me. Both rise the level of oestrogen and decrease the level of testosterone especially dihydrotestosterone. There are many good effects, but moodiness is one of the side effects.

i went to see a stupid movie , ate a hamburger and walked back 3,5 hours later. We didn't talk in the evening, i went upstairs right away and considered sleeping in the spare room but decided to sleep in O/our bed anyway.

In the morning i made porridge like always, but after Mistress joined me i suggested a talk and asked what comes after the D/s, which seemed to end, or are W/we together at all. It was a sad talk, She was very disappointed of me bringing up throwing O/our 25 years to waste, and not supporting Her when She is not well. It turned out She had a hard time right now because Her period was starting, She had problems at work, with Her mother, stress because of an upcoming project, to start with. i had not thought about Her possible problems at all. Anyway, W/we went O/our separate ways during the day, i picked mushroom alone and brought pieces of log from the forest to be chopped to firewood.

Later in the bed i felt Her hand probing, and was ready to conciliation immediately. i started working between Her legs, this time licking her clit, and fucking Her with my fingers - first one, then two, and three. She was as close to cumming as ever without actual penetration. She said She has just masturbated (before i got to bed) and therefore it's not likely that She cums again. She wanted me to put on a condom and had me lay on my back and She mounted me, made me spread my legs and started fucking me with Her pussy, with both Her legs between mine. We used that position a lot some years ago, but not during the 2 years D/s phase of O/our relationship. She used to make me cum that way sometimes, so that i didn't move an inch myself. i only barely could get over the edge and orgasm, and the orgasm inside Her, but immobile, was a devastating experience each time. This way i can imagine being fucked, genitally, in a real pussy. Nothing compares to this feeling.

i raised my legs and put my heels on Her butt as She was fucking me. i was gradually approaching orgasm. i whispered to Her that She could raise Herself as i reach orgasm, and leave me with a ruined one. The position was again working its magic and i was panting heavily. Then i reached the edge and informed Mistress. She raised Herself, and at that moment i knew i had warned Her too early. The feeling died, no ejaculation whatsoever. Probably the reason for the quick drop was the slow sort of the pleasure caused in this passive position. i ended up with an empty condom on my hard dick.

Anyway the D/s phase of O/our relationship seemed to be over. No commands, no obeying. i stopped using the cb-2000. After more than a year locked all days, it was an odd feeling to be free. i wasn't happy about my freedom. i didn't use it to masturbate until came the weekend and my Wife left to Sweden for a work trip. i was a bit surprised that She had left a long to-do list. i thought i only needed to take the kids shopping for clothes and get Lina her new rabbit and rabbit cage, but besides She ordered me to collect all plums and apples and make some jelly and take most to juicemakery. On Saturday She had ordered workmen arrive to work on O/our shed project which was about completed. i needed not to take part in that. Instead i was taking care of the apples. In the afternoon Lina's friend came for a sleepover. i brought us a movie and snacks and made us a tortilla meal.

i was busy during the days working with the tasks, but in the evenings i, for the first time in 2 years, endulged in excessive masturbation and reading through some Femdom stuff in our toybox i printed from the net 1997-9. Funny how most of that stuff doesn't come up in google searches any more. However i didn't allow myself an orgasm.

On Sunday my Wife returned, and we made love immediately. She cummed but i didn't. Soon things started to drift back to how it were. i started to use the cb again from Monday on.  

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sex by night

Mistress was already in bed when i went to bed. She wasn't sleeping and put a hand on top of mine. Last days had not been elite, there had been a quarrel, and i apologized now as nicely as i could, and i was happy to note She accepted. 

She started fondling my buttocks that were left uncovered by my thong. Then She ordered me to remove my blanket and lay on my back. She settled lying on top of me and did Her usual sucking trick on my right ear, making my toes curl. Still i offered Her my left ear, but She sought my mouth and kissed me, grinding to me, and i returned the favor. 

She asked what would be the best way to excite me and i suggested licking Her sex. She accepted the suggestion, and i assumed position lying between Her legs as She lay on the bed. i started flicking my tongue over Her clit. 

Eventually i was pounding my face into Her pussy so that my nose was hammering Her clit area. It was a new game and fun for both of us. She raised Herself on all fours, and guided me in without a condom. Oh, how good it felt! i had had the unsupervised near-orgasm just 3 days ago, and i managed to fuck Her without getting on the edge until She climaxed. She sent me to wash up my hardon and go to bed.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sissy masturbation in practise

After this memorable night our worklife took its toll, and there very little to mention about the next week. Of course i continued cooking, and did other chores Mistress occationally ordered like picking berries, mowing the lawn etc.

The long silent phase lasted past the 2nd anniversary of our D/S relationship. She didn't want sex either, until one night, after being angry to me, She started feeling me up while i was already sleeping, at 1am. Immediately i turned to Her, started kissing Her thighs and buttocks And licking Her clit. After a good while of licking and Her moaning i started fucking Her with my panties on. i even managed to enter Her a little. Finally She asked why i am not taking my briefs off. i fumbled something like "i am your kind boy". She tried to remove them, but asked me to take them off now. i did happily and penetrated Her without a condom for as long as She allowed. At Her command i withdrew, fetched a condom and put it on. Now i started to fuck Her from behind and in no time She came, leaving me with a stiff rubberized erection.

i got my chance to play with my dicklet after sauna on Sunday. i may go to sauna without the cb, and i was allowed to stay where longer than the others this time. i decided to try again "sissy clit backwards" -position. i got on all fours my ass facing a bench and backed against the bench, pushing my penis back and on the bench. I was so excited i decided to try if i could edge myself by only whacking my penis (the underside that was now upperside) with my fingers. No stroking, just tapping. i went on, not violently but with hard taps anyway. Eventually i felt myself nearing the edge, and i sped up the frequency, tapping my sissy clit in a furious rhythm. i knew i was nearing the edge and i stopped the tapping. Then i felt some ejaculation, it didn't feel much, but it was long. As i turned around, i noticed a too big pool on the bench. The contact between the bench and the clit had been enough to provide me with a bigger release than ruined orgasm, but no real orgastic feelings. i was disappointed, the release was more fun than i deserve. i sipped most of the cum with my fingers and licked it.

It has been nice to notice how sissy masturbation by tapping which was introduced in my text, has spread wide. Master Chineron has even published a photo shoot of  a variation where dominant partner is the one to do the tapping, here