Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back at Her beck and call

During the week my chores consisted mainly of preparing each evening a meal for the next day and keeping kitchen stocked. my birthday came and went. i received mainly cooking equipment, like a new steak hammer, and candy.W/we had talked about making a wish list where i could suggest some fetish gear to be bought; but it was not realized at that stage.

On Friday as i returned home and started talking to Mistress about my day at work She interrupted me and made me make Her tea. i immediately bobbed a curtsey and stopped talking, cleaning the kitchen while the tea cooked. Next She pointed to the floor and made me kneel by Her as She drank the tea, kissed me and taught me by two examples how impolite it is not to look in the eyes while one is listening to someone. i was kept at Her beck and call, She gave me small projects: wash up the paintbrushes, take the garbage out, put things in place, make weekend menu and shopping list, planting some basilicas in a pot, stocking the house with firewood as She had had fire in the fireplace. W/we went to sleep early. She knew that i was horny, but gave me no release. She asked if i could show Her my wish list items, but i said i didn't have them looked up. i asked to be allowed to try sleeping in the cb, and She granted it. However it became very uncomfortable before i could sleep, and i removed it.

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