Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Erection problems arise & are solved

On Wednesday She had shaved Her pussy lips and made me go down on Her when i got to bed. She was hot, pussy swollen. Again i fingered Her as i licked the clit, and that certainly seems to excite Her more than mere licking.

W/we were interrupted by Mats going past O/our bedroom door, and i became half flaccid as W/we waited for him go get back to his room - the first time since our D/s that i had erection problems.

i started licking Her again and She threw me to bed and crawled on top of me and sat on my face. i became rock hard again, and was made to get a condom and kneel at the edge of the bed and fuck Her. Next i was allowed to make Her orgasm by fucking Her from behind. W/we were naked, my hairless epilated crotch banging against Her buttocks. i managed to continue fucking Her all through Her orgasm without me getting to the edge.

- 'Go wash your dick and come to bed'

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